Can’t Find Full Fat Yogurt, So Now I make My Own!

I’ve made kimchi and sauerkraut before and I also make kombucha on a regular basis. So I’m now used to making fermented foods. I remember when I bought this yogurt maker about 20 years ago I was so excited to give that a try. I read the instructions and the idea of leaving milk out for 12 hours at 110 degrees didn’t seem right to me. So I said forget that and put the yogurt maker in storage. So then after all my experiments with fermented foods and the fact that I can’t find full fat yogurt in the store, I thought I’d give it another try. And the results are fantastic! Smooth, creamy and delicious!

I bought a Greek yogurt starter from a company on Amazon. But it turns out they were dead. So I just used some of my store bought yogurt to get a batch going and that worked just fine. I heat up a quart of half and half, add a little bit of heavy whipping cream to it and bring it to a boil. I turn off the heat and wait until the milk mixture is 96 degrees and stir and whisk in some of the current yogurt. About 10 hours later I have perfect yogurt! Refrigerate and enjoy!

As a side note, I wanted to make a second batch so I can keep more on hand. My wife started eating it so I had to boost up production. We had a set of small Ball jars, but they were just a little too tall to fit in the yogurt maker. So I put them in my InstaPot on the yogurt setting and they came out just fine too!

2 thoughts on “Can’t Find Full Fat Yogurt, So Now I make My Own!”

  1. Harry, I love fresh made yogurt though have never used milk. The recipe I have is for making coconut milk yogurt. The “starter” used in the recipe is to just open a couple capsules of probiotics and stir into the coconut milk. Wonder how probiotics would work with milk?

    1. I used to eat coconut milk yogurt but the store bought stuff has a lot of sugar in it. I also used to drink a lot of coconut milk and almond milk, but most brands had carrageenan and I’m not sure about carrageenan. So I stay away.

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