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12 Week Program – Week 1: Inaugural Lesson – Eliminate grains, Legumes, Sugar, Industrial Oils

Week 1: Inaugural Lesson – Eliminate grains, Legumes, Sugar, Industrial Oils

I’m so excited to have you as a new client! You will have to fill out the Intake Form so I can get a better idea of where you have been and where you want to go in your health journey. Once you submit this form and I review it, you should schedule a 30 minute call to talk about it and the first week of the program. (As part of the program, you should schedule a 30 minute talk on every Monday during the 12 weeks.) In the meantime, you can start the program! Good luck and hang in there!


It should come as no surprise that the first steps we will take along this 12-week journey to primal living are focused on food. All things being equal, diet is where we can truly make the largest impact on your health. So we’re going to focus heavily on nutrition. Also important to note is that dietary change is the part you are probably most nervous about. By introducing these big food changes right off the bat, it’ll give us the full 12 weeks together to help navigate these changes.

Although the nutrition phase of the 12-Week Primal Health Coaching program encompasses six total weeks of food focus (four initial weeks as addressed here, plus two additional weeks later on), we will be addressing food and nutrition topics every single week of this program. This is a good thing: by the end of 12 weeks we will have troubleshooted every weird craving; social situations (weddings, parties, vacations) that seem to exist solely to sabotage us; emotionally-driven food binges; and probably more than a few “wagon fall-offs.”

Three months; 12 weeks; 90 days: this is a length of time shown again and again to be long enough to exact real, (potentially) permanent change. You can do it!

As this portion of the program involves some of the biggest, most difficult changes, we’re going to spend a good chunk of time here. This section of the 12-Week Primal Health Coaching program starts at the beginning of week 1, and runs until the end of week 4. There are two coaching sessions built in: one at the beginning of week 1, and another at the end of week 2. Each of those sessions will introduce a new primal food concept: 1) Eliminating grains, legumes, sugar, and industrial oils; 2) Shifting macronutrient focus to fat and away from carbohydrate.

Oftentimes the first 2 weeks of transitioning to primal eating are the most difficult. You are letting go of some of your long-held food habits. In many cases we are taking away your favorite foods (but we’re also giving you the green light on a lot of amazing foods that you may have avoided previously, due to the “fear of fat” drilled into you via conventional wisdom). You may miss your crackers, breads and noodles. You may exhibit symptoms relating to legitimate withdrawal from the addictive nature of these foods.It could get tough during these initial 4 weeks of transformation from sugar-burner to fat-burner. So, we have chosen to start with the biggest change first: eliminating the SAD foods that make us sick and fat.

To do that, I want you to go through my 21 Day Intro to Primal program. This program can be accessed in the future by selecting the 21 Day Intro/Reset under the “What’s Out Here” heading in the column on the left hand side of the screen. You’ll get a lot of info on the foods to eat and the foods to avoid, plus a lot of other good info.

Happy reading and eating (the right foods)!