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21 Day LCHF Intro/Reset Meal Plan

Chef Harry’s 21 Day LCHF Intro/Reset

We have a bunch of guides for you to read. They pretty much cover everything you need to know about low carb high fat eating from a Primal point of view. Remember, Paleo is no dairy and Primal allows certain dairy products (as long as they’re full fat)! Once you’ve read the Guides, you can start the daily tasks. Each daily task is in a separate post that are listed after this post. Good luck!

Click on the following Guides:

  1. Primal Key Concepts
  2. Primal Approved at a Glance
  3. Primal Avoid at a Glance
  4. Primal Approved Foods
  5. Primal Food Pyramid
  6. Primal Food Spectrum
  7. Carbohydrate Curve
  8. Primal Fitness Pyramid
  9. Primal Essential Movements 
  10. Heart Rate Calculations
  11. Sprinting

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Primal Food Harry’s 21 Day Reset – Day 1

Primal Thought

Making Smart Workout Decisions

Diet: Kitchen/Pantry Purge

First things first! Time to eliminate SAD foods that may be lurking in your house. There is no halfway allowed here: a purge is a purge, and even those precious old favorites must go if you want to transform from a sugar-burner into a fat-burning beast quickly.

What has to go? Breads, cereals, baked goods, and anything made from grains, whole or otherwise; packaged foods and processed foods; heavily processed industrial seed, grain, and vegetable oils, as well as dressings and sauces made from them (mayonnaise, salad dressings); the “mindless crunchy snacks” that derail you in front of the TV at night; sweets, sugary drinks and sodas; frozen convenience meals, canned convenience foods; and just about anything that was made by man or produced in a factory.

Diet: Restock Preparation 

Grab a few essentials at your local supermarket so you don’t starve before tomorrow: eggs, veggies, fruit, nuts, and meat. Meanwhile, spend a little time on the telephone or Internet lining up the best locations for a proper Primal shopping spree tomorrow. Get ready to storm your local farmer’s market, co-op, or alternative grocer.

Exercise:  Increase Daily Movement

Implement at least two basic non-exercise movements today – a morning walk with the dog, brief work breaks, a stroll before arriving home, or an evening stroll with the family after dinner.

Lifestyle – Primal Essentials

One of the best ways to ensure success with any health program is to set yourself up with the tools and resources you’ll need to get—and stay—on track. Prepare for your 21-Day journey by having these essentials at the ready:

Evening tools (to help create a calm, ambient environment, which will encourage great-quality sleep):

  • f.lux app for smartphones, tablets or computers
  • Amber lensed glasses
  • Yellow-hued lightbulbs, candles

Exercise basics:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Suitable location for sprints
  • Pull-up bar (get one that hangs in your door frame!)
  • A weighted vest
  • Barefoot shoes – Vibrams or similar

Kitchen basics: 

  • A tidy fridge
  • Available space in the freezer
  • Cookbooks
  • A curated list of great culinary websites
  • Cookware
  • Spices
  • Primal foods (the restock happens tomorrow!)

Shopping resources:

  • Local shops that offer quality protein and produce
  • Internet resources to order in the things you can’t buy locally


  • Check out some options at work for quiet time and mini-workouts
  • What appliances are available to you at work?
  • Is there room in a spice cupboard for you to bring your own spices and oils?
  • Is there room in a fridge, cupboard or desk drawer for you to store some Primal snacks?

Primal Food Harry’s 21 Day Reset – Day 2

Primal Thought

Beware the Pursuit of Perfection and The 80/20 Rule

Diet – Primal Shopping Spree

Refer to the Primal Approved Foods list as your handy shopping list, and get filling your fridge, freezer, and pantry with your favorite items! Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with the foods to support you.

Exercise – Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout

Determine “moderate duration” according to your typical workout routine—likely somewhere in the range of 20 to 60 minutes. Maintain a comfortable pace of 55-75 percent of maximum heart rate, tracked by heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, or a few pulse checks during the session.

Lifestyle – Calm, Relaxing Evening; and a Good Quality Sleep

Establish a screen curfew after dark, and dim the lights and/or use yellow lenses and bulbs after dark, too.

Take a 5-to-15-minute evening stroll, enjoy some family relaxation time (board game, cards, talking, reading).

Awaken early, hopefully near sunrise and without an alarm, but do the best you can.

Expose yourself to direct sunlight as soon as you wake up, and consider an energizing morning ritual (breathing and stretching exercises, cold water plunge, hot shower, neighborhood stroll), if you are not the morning type.

Primal Food Harry’s 21 Day Reset – Day 3

Diet – Primal Celebration Dinner Planning 

Extend invitations to friends and loved ones to come over for an authentic home-cooked meal on Day 6. Or, consider a potluck event where guests agree to bring Primal-approved, homemade offerings. Take your time planning a creative menu and compiling a shopping list for recipe ingredients. Purchase the foods at a convenient time over the next couple days.

If you don’t feel like entertaining, celebrate with yourself, significant other, or family.

Diet – Boycott Industrialized Food

Strive to completely avoid eating at fast food chains or any other processed or frozen meals from multinational food corporations—today, and for the duration of your 21-Day challenge.

Today, make a specific statement in favor of your health and against the industrialization of food by planting a few seeds in your backyard garden, finding healthy local or direct-order alternatives to mainstream sources, or perhaps selling off any holdings you have in Nabisco or McDonald’s!

Exercise – Full-Length PEM Workout 

Begin with an easy five-minute warmup of easy cardiovascular exercise, and then complete two sets of maximum repetitions of pushups, squats, pull-ups, and abdominal planks.

Lifestyle – Play

Take a spontaneous play break for at least 20 minutes today. Make plans for a grand play outing on Day 6; invite family/friends, schedule lessons/rentals, and make all possible advance preparations for a weekend adventure.

Primal Food Harry’s 21 Day Reset – Day 4

Primal Thought

Making the Best Primal Choices

Diet – Honor Hunger

Instead of eating in a regimented pattern guided by the clock, allow hunger sensations to guide your eating habits today. See how long you can last in the morning until you detect actual hunger sensations kicking in, or until energy levels dwindle slightly. Then, enjoy a delicious Primal meal, eating enough to feel satisfied but not full. Avoid overeating by asking yourself, “am I really hungry for another bite, or have I had enough?”

Go about your day until you again notice hunger sensations, cravings, or diminished energy requiring calories. Enjoy a delicious Primal lunch or snack, then repeat the process in the evening. This exercise will help strengthen your intuitive eating habits and prepare you for the Intermittent Fasting challenges coming later, when you are more Primal-adapted.

Exercise – Aerobic Adventure

Conduct an extended duration aerobic workout at a heart rate range of 55-75 percent of maximum. Try something new: rent a stand-up paddleboard, a pair of snowshoes, inline skates, or a mountain bike. Be safe, but step outside of your comfort zone, especially if most of your aerobic exercise is on gym machines.

Lifestyle – Standup Work Station

If you are an office worker or otherwise work for long periods while seated, modify your work environment so that you can engage in periods of standing up. Grab a few reams of paper, some file boxes, or anything else handy to elevate your keyboard and monitor. If you work on a large corporate campus, you may be able to ask the facilities department to install a high shelf in your cube or office.

Try to stand up for as long as comfortably possible before returning to a seated position. Take repeated cracks at it after sufficient rest periods. If possible, remove your shoes while you stand to get a barefoot experience.

Primal Food Harry’s 21 Day Reset – Day 5

Diet – Modern Foraging

Dine out for a meal or two and see how well you can stay Primal-aligned.

Sharpen your assertiveness skills if you have to negotiate with the restaurant to alter their menu.

Exercise – Abbreviated PEM Workout

Do 1-2 sets of maximum reps for each of the four Primal Essential Movements: Squats, pullups, pushups, and plank. After a five-minute warmup of easy cardio, go until your muscles fail on each exercise, and take enough rest between exercises to return your breathing to normal.

Lifestyle – Active Couch Potato Rebellion

Don’t go longer than 30 minutes today without taking a movement break of 2-5 minutes. If you endure a long commute, exit the expressway halfway through and romp around in a park or field for a few minutes. Even if you’re watching a good DVD, you can bust out some plank and squat sets to honor this challenge.

Primal Food Harry’s 21 Day Reset – Day 6

Primal Thought

No Pressure!

Diet – Primal Celebration Dinner

Shop for ingredients, prepare recipes, and enjoy your celebration.

Savor every bite and establish a tradition of social gatherings and delicious food. After the meal, if weather permits, encourage everyone to take a stroll outdoors for at least 10 minutes. A leisurely evening walk promotes efficient digestion, helps relax mind and body after a busy day, and facilitates an easy transition into a good night’s sleep later in the evening.

Exercise – Extended Duration Aerobic Workout

Conduct an extended duration aerobic workout at 55-75 percent of maximum heart rate, lasting at least an hour and up to several hours, if you have the fitness base.

Lifestyle – Listening Challenge

At your dinner party, conversation will likely drive to the impetus for the event and your efforts to embark on this change. Challenge yourself to be an exceptional listener this evening. Instead of commanding the floor and providing a blow-by-blow of your exciting journey, continually direct the attention and dialog back to others. Focus on gathering information and insights that may help you become an effective guide and mentor for those who may someday aspire to their own 21-Day challenge. Notice how energy and attention subtly shifts from one person to another during a gathering, and do your best to support and encourage others to communicate freely

Primal Food Harry’s 21 Day Reset – Day 7

Diet – Intuitive Meals

On the heels of your well-planned dinner celebration, anything goes today. Eat whatever foods you feel like eating without regard to cultural breakfast, lunch or dinner traditions. Perhaps you’ll want last night’s leftovers for breakfast? An omelet for dinner? Dark chocolate and macadamia nuts for a midday snack?

If you feel compelled to indulge in a non-approved old favorite, go ahead and do so. Pay close attention to how your comfort food makes your body feel, including any unpleasant after-effects. See if you notice any emotional influence in your eating habits that might be compromising your health.

For every bite you take throughout the day, focus on the enjoyment of the experience. Let go of any feelings of guilt, anxiety, or other negative emotions associated with eating. From now on, your job is to attain maximum pleasure from your food choices each day.

Exercise + Lifestyle – Grand Play Outing

You planned this outing back on Day 2, and the time has come to play! Kayak, rock climb, bicycle, picnic, hike, play Ultimate Frisbee, horseshoes, soccer, basketball, or anything else that’s fun, active, and celebrates the great outdoors with family and friends!

Primal Food Harry’s 21 Day Reset – Day 8

Primal Thought

The Benefit of Keeping a Journal

Diet – No Labels Challenge

Conventional Wisdom suggests you scrutinize the government-mandated “Nutrition Facts” labels on all packaged foods – watching your fat grams, RDA percentages, or sugar/carbohydrate ratios. As you learned in the Key Concepts, going Primal transcends most of this sugar-burner advice.

Today your challenge is to give Nutrition Facts the boot by avoiding any foods that have a label on them! Emphasize local produce, farm-fresh animal products, homemade nut butter or jerky, and other non-industrialized options. Take the challenge as far as you like. While no one will scorn you for eating a carrot, see if you can find fresh carrots over sliced, washed, and bagged options, and pastured eggs from a local farmer over a commercially-produced carton of eggs.

Exercise – Sprint Workout

Scale your effort to your experience with sprinting. If this is your first attempt, try a no- or low-impact exercise and make your hard efforts about 80 percent of maximum. If you have a decent level of comfort and experience, sprint at 90 percent of maximum effort. Be sure to warm up and cool down effectively, and keep the emphasis on quality instead of quantity.

Lifestyle – Tiptoe Into the Barefoot World

Try to go barefoot or use minimalist footwear for at least 60 minutes today. Let your feet breathe and become re-engaged in the act of walking, jogging, and supporting your standing weight. If you have no experience, start gradually by simply walking about the house barefoot. When you become comfortable, you can introduce brief bouts of barefoot workout time.

Primal Food Harry’s 21 Day Reset – Day 9

Primal Thought

Snack and Distract Your Way Out of Trouble

Diet – Track Macronutrient Intake 

It may be helpful to occasionally complete an exercise where you track your caloric and macronutrient intake through an online calculator. Most importantly, you must obtain adequate protein calories to preserve or build muscle tissue, and keep your carbohydrate intake in line with your body composition goals: 50-100 grams per day for fat loss, and 100-150 to maintain ideal body composition.

Proceed with this exercise as follows: Write down everything you eat for an entire day. Use measuring tools (cup with ¼ marks, tablespoon, ounces scale) to obtain accurate quantities. Carry around a small notepad so you don’t forget anything. Download a macro tracker smartphone app, like Cronomoter, FitDay, or My Fitness Pal, create a free account, and begin inputting your foods into their data base. After inputting all of your foods, the app will produce a simple pie chart with tabulations for daily protein, carbs, fat, and total calories. Your data will be saved in their data base and you can repeat the exercise whenever you want to generate more daily reports.

Exercise – Increase Daily Movement, Part 2

Hopefully you’ve been making a concerted effort to leverage the challenges from Day 1 (increase daily movement), Day 2 (standup work station) and Day 5 (movement breaks every 30 minutes) to discover assorted ways to move more throughout the day.

Today I’d like you to redouble your efforts to park purposefully far away, eschew elevators and escalators, walk or cycle instead of drive, go no longer than 30 minutes without a brief movement break, stand instead of sit, take mini play breaks, and implement any other creative movement ideas into your routine.

Lifestyle – Media Fast

Ingest all of your news and information today during 10-minute time blocks in the morning and in the evening. Take this challenge seriously and try – just for a single day – to refrain from exposing yourself to a constant stream of distracting information and entertainment tidbits throughout the day. During your 10-minute sessions, be pro-active by choosing your favorite media resources, scanning headlines quickly, and reading only stories of sincere interest to you.

This challenge may reveal how distracting a typical day might be when you fail to discipline yourself against constant and overwhelming digital stimulation. Hopefully you will build some awareness, battle against overstimulation, and sharpen your focus on peak performance tasks.