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The Art of Walking for Weight Loss

The Art of Walking for Weight Loss

When  I weighed in at over 300 pounds I couldn’t exercise much except for walking. But it turns out walking is a great for weight loss. Of course, you have to eat the right foods in addition to walking. You can’t just eat Big Macs with Fries and Vanilla Shakes and then walk some and lose a lot of weight or any weight at all. But if you ate the right Primal foods and walked some you could start losing weight.

First, Start Eating Primal

Once you start eating Primal you will train your body to start burning fat instead of relying on carbohydrates to fuel your activities.  When you’re eating lots of carbs your body burns the carbs first. If you’re not doing any exercising whatsoever (like me for a while) the carbs you’re eating gets stored as fat.

Above, Wedge Salad with Pork Belly! Primal lunch!

Sedentary Lifestyle Problems

If you don’t do any exercise whatsoever, your muscles and liver will never get rid of their glycogen stores. That means insulin will only be able to store excess carbs as fat! And if you eat any fat with those carbs, it’ll store that in your fat cells too! Double whammy!

Here’s my favorite example. I like pro football. When that starts up I’m mesmerized in front of the TV watching my favorite sport. So when Sunday rolls around, there are three games to watch! In the old days, I would just sit in my lazy boy watching the games only to get up to go to the washroom, or make a drink, or eat some terrible snack like potato chips and dip. So how did I change?

Secondly, Start Moving

I started DVRing the games! I’d actually go for a walk while the games were still on! Which actually works out kind of nice because I can fast forward through all those stinking commercials! There’s a lot of commercials! I also started watching a lot of the action standing up and moving around and I also stopped drinking and started eating good Primal snacks! (I now have a drink occasionally)

So start eating Primal like I mentioned above. Then you got to start moving. No more lazy boy! Here’s my second favorite story… My wife and I went on a week’s vacation to Seattle in 2018. We took a taxi from the airport to where we were staying, which was close to downtown Seattle. So we didn’t rent a car. We walked everywhere! We ate (and drank) pretty good. When we got back home we found that we both lost weight! Gotta love that!

So now you’re eating Primal and picked up your movement. You’re walking a lot and when you watch TV you move around a bit. Even if you sit at work, get up every half hour, stretch and walk around, even if its just circling your desk.

Kick it Up a Notch!

So now you’re eating right and you’re moving and walking. What else can you do for your weight loss goals? How about a bike ride? Play tennis? When my wife and I “play” tennis, we don’t keep score and actually try to keep the volley going for as long as we can! We also play frisbee, badminton and play a game of IT! Remember IT? I’m not talking about Information Technology. I’m talking about the old schoolyard game of tag, you’re IT!  If you’re not there yet, try walking after every meal even if its only for 5 or 10 minutes. It will help with your blood sugar control.

Welcome to Expert Status

OK, so now you’ve been eating Primal for a while and walking regularly and every now and then you “play”. Great! How about going for a walk in a fasted state?! That’s right! So when you get up in the morning, go for a walk before eating anything. You’re now a fat burner (because you’ve been eating Primal for a while), so if you don’t have any ingested fat to use for fuel, you will start to burn the fat off your body! And if you’re eating Primal and walking and exercising and if you’re not stressed out all the time, guess what? You’ll be getting better sleep and because you’re a fat burner, you could even lose weight while you’re sleeping! That’s right! While your body is healing itself at night while your sleeping, it will use the fat on your body to fuel the process! Fantastic!

That’s the Art, Now the Science

Its all about your heart rate. Subtract your age from 208. Take that number and multiply it by .55 (55%) to get the low end of your fat burning zone and then multiply it by .75 (75%) to get the high end of your fat burning zone. So if your 60 years old, 208 – 60 = 148. For the low end 148 x .55 = 81. For the high end 148 x .75 = 111. So if you keep your heart rate between 81 and 111 beats per minute, you are BURNING FAT!

To find out more about being Primal, subscribe to my blog and I’ll give you my free eBook entitled “Being Primal” for free! And if you really want to dive in, sign up for my Intro to Primal Paleo Challenge. You can also check out my success story on Marks Daily Apple. It could be your success story too! See you on the skinny side!

My Journey Through the Healthcare System – The Money Trail

Over a 5 Year Span I Spent over $100,000 on healthcare!

I opened a restaurant in Arizona and as an employer I had to fend for myself to get health insurance for me and my wife. Obamacare was going to be the end all answer for everyone! So I signed up for coverage for my wife and I with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (a non-profit charitable organization). Our premiums were $1,200 a month with $5,000 deductible EACH! During this period of time I was overweight, Type II diabetic and had high blood pressure. I had a lot of aches and pains and other health problems that maxed out the deductible for those 5 years. So I paid $15,000 a year in premiums while spending an additional $5,000 a year to cover deductibles. So $20,000 for 5 years equals $100,000. And after spending all this money on my health, how was I feeling? Absolutely terrible!

I could go on and on about how inefficient our healthcare system is, but I’ll just say a few things about that. Isn’t it frustrating that you go into your doctor’s office for an appointment that you’ve waited a long time for only to find out you need a test or a scan. And it then takes weeks to get that done! Hopefully things don’t get worse or you don’t die while waiting! And the prices on everything! Nobody talks about prices and if you did they probably would look at you like you’re from outer space.

Ouch! But its just a cut, right?

I had an employee cut himself while prepping food. The bleeding stopped, we bandaged him up and we put a glove on him. I thought everything was ok, but when he got home his wife made him go to the hospital emergency room! He got 3 stitches at $300 each for a total bill of $900 which my worker’s comp insurance paid. And then the insurance company dropped me and I had to hustle to find another company at way bigger premiums. Next time, go to Urgent Care where stitches are only $100 each!

Last story… I had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy done at the same time. I got a bill for two anesthesiologist services! Why? I was out already. Why two charges? I don’t know! How about this, during my first colonoscopy and upper endoscopy 10 years earlier, they didn’t put me out at all! I watched it all on a TV screen! No anesthesiologist! I guess they made changes because everybody has got to make some money!

OK, this really is the last story! This happened when I was a newbie on Medicare. I had a lump on my foot that at times was causing me severe foot pain. The foot doctor I was referred to made it sound like it was a simple operation that could be done in his office, but when he found out I was on Medicare the whole thing was moved to the hospital and another anesthesiologist was involved! Big bucks, but Medicare paid it. Hallelujah!

So I Went Primal and My Life Changed!

So after spending all this money on healthcare and not really feeling any better I thought I have to do something on my own. At one point in time I did have a doctor tell me to lose weight, but he did not elaborate on how to do it or what was the best way to do it. Doctors, with all the training they get, take only one class in nutrition! So I decided to lose weight with the ultimate goal of getting off my meds. I was taking Type II Diabetes meds and High Blood Pressure meds. The meds had a lot of “side effects”. So after doing some research on the web I decided to turn Primal and my life immediately got better!


Long story short, I lost 70 pounds and got off all my meds! And guess what? Doctor’s visits have gone way down. Procedures and scans have gone way down. I wish I would have done this a lot earlier because I would have SAVED A LOT OF MONEY! I would have saved my deductible anyway and that amounted to more than $25,000 over those 5 years. That buys a lot of grass fed beef!

The Moral of the Story

The whole Standard American Diet food pyramid is out of whack! Don’t follow it! Carbs are bad! Limit your carbs to as low as you can go. Stop eating sugar and things that turn into sugar. Don’t be overweight! I know in this age of political correctness its not nice to body shame anyone. That you are perfect no matter what. But I’ll tell you from my experience of being overweight for a long period of time, its just not healthy! Lose the weight and you’ll feel better. You’ll cut down on doctor’s visits, health problems, procedures and not to mention all the time saved by not having to do all those things. As the Primal caveman Grok once said, “Live long and drop dead!”

I have a Intro to Primal Class on my website that I charge $21 for. Not a bad deal considering all those insurance premiums and doctor visit prices! Its all about the food!

Where’s the Beef?

The Beef, or should I say Steak, is right here!

Don’t ya just love beef? Grass fed beef is the best of course, but you can eat the grain fed stuff if that’s all that’s available. If cattle eat grass, everything is ok because that is what their genetic engineering tells them to eat. If you put a field of corn and a field of grass in front of cattle, they will more than likely wander into the field of grass and start munching away. Corn is not their thing. If they eat grains instead of grass, they start to become sick. Next, they’re being dosed with antibiotics to make sure they survive.

That combined with growth hormones and you can see why you don’t want to eat too much of grain fed beef. Toxins end up in the fat, so if you eat a lot of grain fed beef, don’t eat the fat. Cut the fat off and replace it with some butter from grass fed cows!

Quick Steak Recipe

My wife and I just shopped at Costco and bought some proteins while there including rib eye steaks. I was going to cook one on the grill for lunch, but it turned out to be a cold, windy day so I cooked inside instead. I pan seared the steak with some blackening seasoning on it. And then I transferred it to my air fryer and finished cooking it in there.

It came out medium well. I usually like my steaks medium rare to medium so it was a little over done for my taste. But it was still delicious and with my two over easy eggs, it was fantastic! I adjusted the below times to get the steak to medium, so if you want med rare, go a couple minutes less. If you want medium well, go a few minutes more.

  • One rib eye steak about one inch thick
  • Seasonings, I used blackening spices. You can just use salt and pepper, or use your favorite steak seasoning combo
  • Whatever side you want (but not fries!), I had Steak and Eggs. My wife just ate steak!
  1. Season the steak on both sides
  2. Sear the steak in a hot pan with a little olive oil and butter, 30 seconds each side
  3. Transfer to the air fryer basket and cook on the steak setting which should be 13 minutes at 370 degrees
  4. When its finished, place on a plate and let rest while you prepare your side
  5. Eat!

Metabolic Flexibility Helps Keep Blood Sugar Under Control

Metabolic flexibility is the ability for one’s body to switch between burning fat and burning sugar.

What metabolic flexibility means is if you eat a low carb, high fat meal, your body goes into fat burning mode. And if you eat a meal high in carbs, like a cheeseburger on a bun with french fries and a vanilla shake, your body goes into sugar burning mode to burn that glucose! Its the best of both worlds! But how do you get there?

Its in our genes!

We are actually born with this ability! Our caveman ancestors didn’t have many different carb options to choose from. They may have come across a beehive every now and then and had some honey, but what else was loaded with sugar back then? Not much. Even fruits back then were not as sugary as they are now. Years of hybridizing fruits have made them sugary sweet to satisfy today’s sweet tooth! Even vegetables are sweeter than they were back in the day.

So if you eat the Standard American Diet for 50 years, guess what? You’ve eaten a lot of sugar and you’ve trained your body to burn sugar. So if you’re  a sugar burner and you eat some fat, you’ll store that fat. And the real kicker is if you eat too much sugar, you’re going to store the excess sugar as fat too! That’s right, excess sugar gets stored as fat. So you’ve got the worst of both worlds!

Reprogram your Genes

How do you fix that? You’ll have to retrain your body to burn fat. If you’ve been eating the Standard American Diet for a while, you probably are a little bit overweight. Am I right? If you cut down on the carbs and exercise a little bit, you can retrain your body to start burning fat. Alright, so you cut down on the carbs, raise the amount of fat you’re eating and exercise (walking is the best) and guess what? Your body has no choice but to start burning fat for energy because there is simply not enough carbs to power the whole system. So now your body has been reminded about its ability to burn fat.

Does that mean you now have metabolic flexibility? No. Because if you eat a meal heavy in carbs, your body goes back to sugar burning mode and forgets all about burning fat. What you have to do is stay in fat burning mode for a while to retrain your body to stay in fat burning mode. How long? It depends on you! A fully committed person that doesn’t cheat should be able to do this in about 21 days. That doesn’t mean you’re fixed in 21 days! If you start to eat lots of carbs again, the effort will be wasted.

Become a Fat Burning Beast!

What you should do after 21 days of strict LCHF eating is to keep eating low carb high fat for a while to keep you in fat burning mode. If you’re truly Primal by eating the right LCHF foods you will also be less hungry overall and not have to eat as much as when you were eating carbs. The higher fat foods are more satisfying, so you will eat less. Sometimes you may even skip a meal! Skip a meal and go for a walk and guess what? You’ll start burning the fat that’s on your body!

Now we’re talking! So do this for a while and get your body deep into fat burning mode. So eat low carb high fat for a while, exercise a little, lose some weight (you have to lose some weight to signify fat burning mode) and then you can have some carbs. But then go back to LCHF for a while.

Carbs in Moderation

So you see what I’m saying? You will not truly be able to go back to eating boxes of donuts, fast food, quarts of ice cream, putting sugar on top of your Captain Crunch, etc, etc. But having the metabolic flexibility to eat a burger with fries and a shake every now and then, without it all being stored on your hips is a good thing! Don’t get me wrong. Your blood sugar will go up, but your system will take care of it in a more normal fashion. Just don’t keep eating these kinds of meals one after another for a long time. Of course, your personal success will be dependent on how damaged you are. If you’ve been a Type II Diabetic for a long time and extremely overweight, your timeline may be a lot longer.

If you’d like an intro to the Primal lifestyle, please take my 21 Day Intro to Paleo/Primal class. Its just a dollar a day for a total of $21.

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Five Ways to Lose Weight

I lost 70 pounds and got off Type II Diabetes meds and High Blood Pressure meds! Which way do you think I did it?

  1. Liposuction
  2. Lap Band Surgery
  3. I ate pre-packaged foods from a weight loss company
  4. Eating salads with lemon juice on them and jogged 100,000 miles
  5. Ate delicious, whole foods like bacon and eggs, steaks and vegetables, wild fish, lots of chicken, salads with creamy dressings and cooked protein like salmon, chicken or steak, walked a lot, cut down on drinking, no sugar, no grains, no gluten


It wasn’t liposuction or lap band surgery. I don’t like the idea of surgery unless its absolutely necessary. I don’t know anyone who has done liposuction (or that would admit to it), but it just seems drastic. Did you ever see video of a doctor doing liposuction on a patient? Not my cup of tea! I guess the idea is the less cells you have, the less fat you can store! But if you keep eating the way your eating, what’s going to happen? The cells you have left are going to get bigger!

Lap Band Surgery

Same with lap band surgery. You get a lap band installed and you can’t eat much because your stomach is now really small. So you lose weight initially because you can’t physically eat a whole box of donuts anymore! But guess what? After a while of jamming as much food down your throat that you can, that little bit of stomach starts expanding and sure enough you’re back to eating whole boxes of donuts again! I do know someone who had lap band surgery and they have gained the weight back. And that lap band may become a problem in the future. Again, surgery is not my cup of tea.

Pre-packaged Food

Buying a company’s pre-packaged food items and eating only them is not for me because I like to cook and I like to know exactly what’s going into my food. Meals cooked and packaged in a factory some where in Kansas does not appeal to me. When were they made? What do they put in them to preserve them? Etc, etc. No thanks! I’ll cook my own food.

Salads and Cardio

Eating salads with lemon juice on them will help you lose weight in the short term. You’ll get tired of eating salads and you’ll start cheating rather quickly. Plus the exercising is going to wear you out! Chronic cardio is not the way to go because no amount of exercise can fix a bad diet! Limiting caloric intake and upping the exercise is just not sustainable. You’ll just wear yourself down. I do eat salads, but not a whole lot and certainly not exclusively.

Whole Foods and Walking

So that leaves Number 5, and yes, I lost my weight eating whole foods while adhering to the Primal Lifestyle! The main thing is to eat low carb high fat. So cereal for breakfast is out and bacon and eggs are in! Omelets are great! A salad for lunch is great as long as you put some bacon, bleu cheese, hard boiled eggs and creamy bleu cheese dressing on it! Now that’s a salad! For dinner eat some quality protein like steak, duck, lamb, chicken or wild caught fish with a low carb veggie like asparagus or broccoli.

Cut out the sugar and starchy vegetables. No grains and no gluten. Cut down on the alcohol or eliminate it altogether while in the process of losing weight. Once you lose the weight you wanted to, you can drink again, but keep a watch on your weight and stop if you start gaining weight again. Same with dairy. For weight loss, eliminate dairy altogether. Once you’ve lost the weight you wanted to, you can ease dairy back in to the equation, but keep an eye on that weight. For more info and a detailed step by step 21 Day Plan, sign up for my 21 Day LCHF Primal//Paleo Intro/Reset. Its a great introduction to the Primal Lifestyle or great for a reset if you been off track for a while and its just $1 a day!

3 Things You Can Do to Get Rid of Skin Tags!

How to get rid of skin tags!

I used to get a lot of skin tags. Once a year I had to go to a dermatologist to get them removed! If I was the Merchant of Venice, Shylock could have had my pound of flesh easily without drawing any blood! Since I turned Primal 5 years ago, I haven’t had not even one skin tag removed! So what’s up with that?

  1. Lose weight – The big clue I gave up above is the fact that I turned Primal. That helped me lose 70 pounds. Which that right there is probably the biggest thing going towards a reduction in skin tags and that is weight loss. I think a lot of overweight people have lots of skin tags. I think losing weight, no matter how you do it, will help in the reduction of skin tags.
  2. Diet – I continue to eat Primal (and keep the weight off) and I think that the Primal diet itself has helped in reducing skin tags. No grains, no sugars, eating whole foods and almost no fast food has helped. If you go no grains, that means you’re also going to be no gluten and I think that helps too.
  3. Keep moving and sweat once in a while – When I was overweight I didn’t exercise much. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even move around a whole lot! Get up and move! Walk! If its Sunday and you’re going to watch football all day, watch one (or two) of the games standing up and moving around. Break a sweat! Even if that means sitting in a sauna for 20 minutes. Sweat, baby, sweat!

So turning Primal will help in this small area while improving your health in all the large areas! Take my 21 Day Intro to Primal for just $1 a day!

The Best Way for Diabetics to Control Blood Sugar

The Best Way to Control Blood Sugar

The simple answer to controlling blood sugar is to stop eating sugar and foods that turn into sugar like pasta, bread and starchy vegetables. But is it that simple? I turned Type II Diabetic about 10 years ago. About 10 years before that my doctor at the time warned me that my A1C was going up and I was probably insulin resistant. I was gaining weight and he said that if I keep going in this direction that I would become full blown Type II Diabetic. So I asked “should I cut down on my Coke?” He said, “it doesn’t work that way”. I wish I would of asked him how it does work, but he made me feel stupid and I just sat there in silence and nothing else was said about it. But it does work that way! If he’d of told me “yes and cut down on other sugary things” I would have nipped this all in the bud and have never gone through all the BS associated with being overweight and diabetic.

So with no direction from my doctor, I proceeded to exercise like crazy and I started to cut calories and eat lots of salads. It worked! For a while! I lost weight, but I got tired of the salads and all the exercising and guess what? My weight started going up again! It just wasn’t a sustainable approach. So I yo-yo’d for quite awhile. I’d lose 20 pounds, stop, gain 25. I’d lose 30, gain back 35. Of course, yo-yo dieting isn’t healthy. So, I thought I’d be a little more scientific.

Glycemic Index

I discovered the Glycemic Index! Its a list of foods that are rated by how much they would raise your blood sugar. A game changer! Or so I thought. So I would eat foods with the lowest glycemic impact, but my blood sugar would still go sky high. So in the middle of all this I was prescribed a pill that was going to solve all my problems. This is from another doctor who again didn’t tell me anything about diet, but just that this pill would take care of my high blood sugar problem. And it did! My blood sugar numbers were normal and my A1C was going down. Holy cow, I’m cured! But I was still gaining weight and when I tried to lose weight, it wouldn’t come off anymore! So what’s going on here?

Diabetes Meds

It turns out this pill I was prescribed (Glipizide) told my pancreas to make more insulin. The extra insulin took the sugar in my blood and jam packed it into my cells as fat! Great! My blood sugar readings are “normal”. But if I was insulin resistant before, I became super insulin resistant because of all the extra insulin. Your cells get tired of being told what to do by insulin and your blood sugar levels don’t drop so much anymore. So what was the doctor’s recommendation? Up the dose and if that didn’t work with that pill, injecting insulin would be next! Again, no talk about diet.

My wife and I ended up moving to Arizona and a couple of doctors later, I was at the end of my wits. I was 300 pounds and still Type II Diabetic with high blood pressure. After doing a lot of internet research, I decided to go Primal which is a version of Paleo. Primal people eat some dairy, as long as its full fat dairy. So after about 14 months of eating the Primal way, keeping carbs below 100 grams a day and doing a lot of walking, I lost 70 pounds and got off all my meds!

You can do it too! I have lots of free info to give you including my free eBook about Being Primal plus one day of free total access to my website! Just click here to subscribe to my email list and get posts sent right to your inbox. Cancel anytime!

Check out my 21 Day Intro to Primal by clicking here.

If you need a little more inspiration to take on this lifestyle change, please read YOUR Primal success story!

Can’t Find Full Fat Yogurt, So Now I make My Own!

I’ve made kimchi and sauerkraut before and I also make kombucha on a regular basis. So I’m now used to making fermented foods. I remember when I bought this yogurt maker about 20 years ago I was so excited to give that a try. I read the instructions and the idea of leaving milk out for 12 hours at 110 degrees didn’t seem right to me. So I said forget that and put the yogurt maker in storage. So then after all my experiments with fermented foods and the fact that I can’t find full fat yogurt in the store, I thought I’d give it another try. And the results are fantastic! Smooth, creamy and delicious!

I bought a Greek yogurt starter from a company on Amazon. But it turns out they were dead. So I just used some of my store bought yogurt to get a batch going and that worked just fine. I heat up a quart of half and half, add a little bit of heavy whipping cream to it and bring it to a boil. I turn off the heat and wait until the milk mixture is 96 degrees and stir and whisk in some of the current yogurt. About 10 hours later I have perfect yogurt! Refrigerate and enjoy!

As a side note, I wanted to make a second batch so I can keep more on hand. My wife started eating it so I had to boost up production. We had a set of small Ball jars, but they were just a little too tall to fit in the yogurt maker. So I put them in my InstaPot on the yogurt setting and they came out just fine too!

Your Success Story

70 Pounds Lighter and Medication-Free: How Going Primal Changed My Life

real_life_stories_stories-1-2I’ve been the chef/owner of a couple of restaurants for the past 23 years. When I started in the biz I was kind of like a kid in a candy store! I gained on average about nine pounds a year for 10 years and found myself weighing in at an impressive 317 lbs! I was told by my then doctor to “do” something or bad things were going to happen! I was pre-diabetic and borderline high blood pressure. No specifics on diet or exercise or anything were mentioned. I was left on my own to lose weight and get better.

So I went on a no starch diet and joined a health club! I’d go to the health club between lunch and dinner shifts. I lost 30 lbs and got in aerobic shape through lots of hours on the treadmill and elliptical machines. Emphasis on the word treadmill. Not much fun involved at all. So of course, I gained some weight back and stopped the health club. My weight yo yo’d for the next ten years, I became Type II Diabetic and officially had high blood pressure.

The Before Pic

In July of 2014 I weighed in at around 296 pounds, was on a Type II diabetes medication called Glipizide, taking a pill called Losartan for my high blood pressure, and was just prescribed a pill called Omeprazole for my constant queasy stomach and acid reflux. I didn’t eat bacon anymore and couldn’t even stand the smell of it! So I took all these pills and still felt terrible! But I had good blood pressure readings, my blood sugar was “under control” and I wasn’t so queasy anymore. So from the medical community’s standpoint, I was “cured”, see ya, and that couldn’t have been further from the truth! What was the root cause of all my problems? I took it upon myself to do some research.

Step 1 – Fix the Gut!

I zeroed in on fixing my gut first, the thought being that everything starts in the gut! I read some books by Dr. Alejandro Junger and proceeded to sign up for his 21-Day Clean Gut Repair program. I did a protein shake for breakfast, ate a salad with some protein for lunch and had a second shake for dinner. No gluten, no sugar, no dairy, no alcohol and no caffeine! There were a lot of other no’s too, but these were the major ones. Lots of supplements including digestive enzymes, probiotics, liver support and blood sugar support taken at each “meal.” By the middle of the second week I felt great! Stopped the Omeprazole! By the middle of the third week I asked the coaches “what do I do next, the program’s almost over! What do I do for the rest of my life?” One of them said “Go Primal.”

Step 2 – Go Primal!

20151227_151823Best move I ever made (besides marrying my wife of course)! Bought the books and started reading. The food is great and just by eating Primal, I started losing weight! I couldn’t do the Primal Essential Movements (basic workout), sprints, not even jumping jacks to warm up! Just too out of shape and too much stuff jiggling around. It hurt! I really thought I’d never be able to run again. And I was just 62! But the weight kept coming off and little by little I started getting in better physical shape. Then I did 14 online 21-Day Primal Intro Programs over 14 months (slow and steady is the best!) which I now host on this website. That really helped. I continued to lose weight, my blood sugar was under control and my high blood pressure was coming down! I run, I sprint, I play! I became a mentor for the online challenges then in October of 2015 I took the online courses to become a Primal Blueprint Health Coach!

The results are in, but they are not final

I still have some way to go! But I’ve lost 70 lbs, I’m off ALL my meds, my blood pressure is normal and my A1C is going down. My doctor (who knows nothing about being Primal) is impressed! I’m back to eating bacon!  Life is good! And I owe it all to turning Primal! Unlike the other “diets” I’ve been on, this truly is a way of life and something I’ll be doing for the rest of my (hopefully longer) life!



That’s one of my old chef coats above. I lost so much weight and belly circumference that I could fit my wife inside my coat with me!

Doctor Update

This was a momentous occasion! I went to see my doctor after I lost the weight. So here’s how my doctor summed up my visit: “You are no longer diagnosed obese. You are no longer Type II diabetic. Your blood pressure is perfect. Your cholesterol numbers are that of a 20 year old. And you are officially off all medications!” I’m getting a little choked up writing that. Why this Primal lifestyle is not mainstream is crazy!