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Your Eating Window

Your Eating Window

Lets talk about your eating window. When you are eating on a regular basis you really should be eating within a 8 hour window, not all day long! So if you have your first meal at 10am, you should finish up eating by 6pm. This gives your gut time to process the food you’ve eaten. If you do that, it then gives your gut time to rest and heal itself, if necessary. Also, don’t eat for two hours before you go to bed. So, if you’re going to bed at 10pm (I’m old!), don’t eat anything after 8pm. Again, this gives your gut time to process, heal and relax. Your health begins in your gut. Take care of your gut! Doing these things helped me with my GERD, you know, acid reflux!

The longer you eat LCHF, the smaller your window can get! How about a 6 hour eating window or a 4 hour eating window!? A lot of times I eat OMAD (One Meal A Day)! That’s a very small eating window! Its also considered a 24 hour fast! More on fasting in another post!


I Lost 70lbs Eating LCHF!

Not only that, I also got off my Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Meds! And I’ve been able to keep the weight off for four years! I do go up and down a little bit, but who doesn’t during the holidays? But the main thing is I feel great! Its nice to get off those meds with all their different side effects. I can remember going to the doctor about a particular problem and she was stumped. But when I stopped my meds, the problem went away! Nice!

So how’d I do it? I was over 300 pounds, so exercising was difficult. I couldn’t even do jumping jacks. It actually hurt with all that fat jiggling around! So I concentrated on my eating to lose some weight first. I cut out the carbs and, lo and behold, I lost some weight. Which made exercising a little more comfortable. So I was then able to do those jumping jacks and walk, bike and swim. After losing a little more weight I was able to play tennis, throw (and chase) the frisbee around and do sprints! I never thought I’d be able to run again, but there you have it. Before I knew it I was down 70 pounds! It took 14 months, but I was also the chef in my own restaurant, so I think that’s a pretty good time frame. Of course, I was getting my blood work done every 3 months so my doctor was aware of what was going on. Numbers were good and I started weaning myself off the meds and that was it!

You’ll be able to find lots of the foods I ate on that weight loss journey right here on my website. Some of the recipes are free, but most of the cooking videos and meal plans are in Premium content. You can probably find everything out there on the world wide web, but its all right here and you get a health coach too! That’s right! I sold my restaurant and became a Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach! Are you ready to get started?

Before and After Pics

I was about 300 pounds in the below left pic of me with my wife at our restaurant. My wife had a few extra pounds on her too! That pic was taken somewhere around 2010. In 2014 I came across the Low Carb High Fat diet via the Primal Blueprint people and Mark Sisson. The after pic was taken in July of 2015. I lost 70 pounds and got off all meds including Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure! My wife lost weight too. I call her collateral damage because she wasn’t totally on board, but had to eat mostly what I was eating. Its all about the food!

Intro to Low Carb High Fat Eating

I lost 70 lbs over 14 months by switching to a LCHF diet. I also got off my Type II Diabetes meds and my High Blood Pressure meds. That 14 months ended about 2 year ago. So how am I doing you might ask? Gain all the weight back? Get back on your meds fat boy? That would be a big fat NO and NO! I’m still doing good. Yes I cheat every now and then. Its hard to resist some pizza, Italian flatbread, Ice Cream, French Fries and such, especially when you’re working in your own restaurant making those “bad” foods! But when I notice the numbers going the wrong way, I get back on the horse and get everything back in line! And its easy!

Here’s how to start with LCHF. Stop eating sugar! All forms of sugar including high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar and any other kind of sugar that says its “healthy”. You have to even stay away from artificial, or “natural” low carb sugars like Stevia. This is because, even though there’s no calories, they still induce an insulin response! And insulin is the fat storage hormone, so we have to not only lower your blood sugar, we have to lower your insulin levels. If your blood sugar stays low long enough, this will definitely happen. So, not only do you have to stay away from sugar, you also have to stay away from foods that your body turns in to sugar! This includes starchy vegetables like potatoes, and no more pasta and bread. If you order a pizza, just eat the toppings!

Now when you stop eating sugar and the things that turn in to sugar, your body is going to revolt! Some addiction experts say sugar addiction is even more powerful than addiction to drugs like cocaine and heroin! When you’re a sugar burner your brain tells you to eat some more sugar about every two hours to keep those carbs coming in. When you stop the cycle to get your body to start burning fat, you may go into a funk of low energy, lethargy and feeling not so good. This is called the carb flu. It will pass! Just hang in there. Once you get passed the carb flu, your sugar cravings will stop. Just be sure to start eating high fat, low carb, moderate protein meals. Your macro breakdown on that would be around 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs. If you want to lose weight keep daily consumption of carbs to around 100 grams. The lower you go, the more weight loss potential. I try to keep carbs around 50g. If you stay around 20g, you’re talking ketosis and that a whole n’other story!

Good luck!

Transformation People!

Back in 2014 I actually thought I was going to die! I felt terrible and had to go to the hospital a few times to try and figure out what was going on including a trip to the Mayo Clinic Emergency Room in Phoenix. Long story short, I didn’t get any definitive answers from anybody in the medical community! So I took it upon myself to fix me. I was overweight, Type II Diabetic and had High Blood Pressure. Plus, I had just been prescribed a pill called Omeprazole that helped me with my constantly queasy stomach and acid reflux. And here was the problem with all my medications… they alleviated the symptoms, but didn’t solve the underlying problem! Yes, I took my diabetes medication and it told my pancreas to make more insulin and that lowered my blood glucose readings. But the more insulin I produced, the more insulin resistant I became and the more weight I gained. Which is why I became Type II Diabetic in the first place! So it basically was a vicious circle. I took my high blood pressure meds and yes, I got normal blood pressure readings. But it didn’t solve my problem! You get good blood pressure readings, but you still die of the high blood pressure complications! Same with the omeprazole. Masked the symptoms, but didn’t solve the problem!

So what was the solution? I can’t believe it was so simple. All I had to do was eat the right food! Doctors only take one class on nutrition in all their years of education. Over 20 years ago when my A1C started going up I asked my doctor if I should stop or slow down on drinking soda. He said “that’s not how it works”. Well, that’s exactly how it works! Sugar is poison! Sugar and things that turn into sugar in your body like bread, pasta, starchy vegetables like potatoes, rice and beans and a lot of other things. So I started doing the Primal, Low Carb High Fat diet thing and I lost 70 pounds over 14 months and got off all my medications! And I felt GREAT!

This whole journey made me look more into the science of what was going on with my body and as a result I became a Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach! I then designed a Primal Food Cooking Challenge that runs on I also run a intro to Paleo/Primal eating challenge. I start them up at least once a month and the people that take them end up telling me about their successes while taking them. And it humbles me and makes me feel like all the hard work is so worthwhile! If you have the time, click on a few of the links below.

All around success story
A real tear jerker. Seriously, this is why I do this!

92 Hour Fast Over!

My blood sugar has been goofy (high) lately. So I bought a book called The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, M.D. There were a couple of interesting tidbits in it which I think are epic. First and most epic for me since turning Primal is the little known fact (at least I didn’t know it) was that protein causes insulin to be released! Insulin is the fat storage hormone. Hmmmm. I’m a caveman, so I eat my fair share of animal protein. So protein doesn’t increase blood sugar, but it does increase insulin and if you’re not careful may cause weight gain. Holy cow! Dairy is even more insulogenic. This I knew and if I want to get the scale moving again I stay away from dairy. The other item of note, in a quote from the book is, “All diets are successful, all diets fail!”. What he means by this is if you undertake a diet, you will have initial success. But if you stay on the diet, your body will figure out what you’re doing and you’ll hit that darn weight loss plateau and may even gain back the weight you lost! The key to getting around this is fasting. Not many people fast anymore and if you just add this component to your diet and mix it up a little bit, you’ll be able to keep your body guessing and you will be able to keep losing weight!

So as I was saying, I noticed my blood sugar had been running high for a while. I couldn’t put my finger on anything specific, so I did a fast. I ate breakfast and lunch on Wednesday and didn’t eat any solid food again till Sunday morning at 11am. I was allowed to drink coffee, tea and broth. I made a vegetable broth and had a cup on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for lunch along with some tea for dinner and a whole lot of water during the day. I walked 4 miles each day, swam, did sit ups and then went to work! There were a few time that I noticed I was hungry, but they past rather quickly. On Sunday morning, I didn’t feel like I had to eat solid food, but that was my goal, 92 hours, and I just wanted to eat something again! So I had some Bullet Proof Coffee, more coffee, an omelet with avocado and a avocado kombucha smoothie for a drink.

Now my blood sugars were steadily going down during this whole thing and my ketones were going up! Ketones are produced when your body switches from burning sugar to burning fat. In this case, my fat. I lost over 13 pounds and felt absolutely fantastic! I had tons of energy! Saturday night was busy at the restaurant and that was no problem, plus when the shift was over, I did all the cleaning work I normally would do on Monday! When your body produces a lot of insulin over a along period of time your body becomes insulin resistant. When you’re in this state, losing weight is very hard to do and I was even gaining some weight back. I figured my insulin resistance was related to all my mindless and sometimes not so mindless cheating. I’d have cold coffees at work with heavy cream and a little agave nectar. If I had nothing to do at work or at home, I’d eat a piece of cheese and some nuts. I eat a meal even though I wasn’t hungry, etc, etc. Just too much food, and a lot of time the wrong food, going down the hatch. So the fast did a major metabolic reset for me. After I ate breakfast about 2 hours later my blood sugar was 126 and ketones were 1.2. Not bad. I decided to do another 40 minute walk, got 30 minutes of sun and swam for another 15 minutes. After that, my blood sugar was 90 and ketones 1.9. Wow! Very good!

I highly recommend fasting! You don’t have to go bonkers like I did. Start out with a 12 hour fast. Go to 18. Then do a 24 hour. Baby steps!