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Still Fasting? – Good!

Still Fasting? Good!

Hopefully you made it to the 24 hour mark! Congratulations! Can you go another 24 hours? That would mean this day would be a whole day without eating! Again, you can have bone broth, coffee, tea or BPC with no dairy. The longer you fast the deeper into ketosis you will get. That means you’re going to be burning up the fat on your body. Even if you’re not really overweight, you’ll still have enough fat on your body to fuel the process. If you’re really lean already what you don’t want to do is have your body breakdown muscle protein and convert it to glucose (gluconeogenesis) and waste away to nothing!

That’s why it is important to check blood sugar and ketone levels regularly especially during a fast. If you’re fasting and blood sugar is high, where is the glucose coming from? Your body must be breaking down muscle to make the glucose. If your blood sugar is good and your ketones are high, that’s what we’re looking for. Then its up to you to keep going with the fast, or to eat one of those “keto” meals and see what happens.

If I fast for at least 3 days, my ketones go through the roof! My highest reading I ever had was a 4.3. As soon as I eat something (even LCHF) they’ll coming crashing down to around the 1.3 to 1.5 mark. And this is where this challenge really comes into play for you. Use it as your experiment of n=1 and log the results. You can then analyze the results and make the best decisions for you. You can come back to the challenge if you can’t remember something (according to Vimify these challenges will be out here forever for you to access) and rework your eating patterns for optimal efficiency.

Everybody is different. If I eat strict LCHF my ketones will be over 1 and I’ll be happy. And I’ll gradually lose some weight and feel pretty good. But to get the deep healing benefits of ketones, I feel I have to fast and get those numbers higher. Your call.

Food for Thought – Fasting

Food for Thought – Fasting

Hopefully by eating Primal/Paleo for a while now you have adapted yourself to a low carb, high fat diet. The main benefit of becoming fat adapted is you can now burn fat, the fat you eat and, if you don’t eat, the fat on your body! Did you catch that? The “if you don’t eat” part? That’s called fasting! Hopefully, you’ve done a little bit of that in your Primal/Paleo journey.
The LCHF meals we eat should satisfy your hunger more than the high carb crap the Standard American Diet tells us to eat. The more satisfying your meals are the less you’ll eat at a sitting and the longer you can go without eating again! Its hard to break that thought cycle of eating “3 square meals a day”. Sometimes I wake up and I don’t eat breakfast, or if I eat breakfast, I’ll skip lunch. A lot of times I don’t eat dinner! Just eating one meal a day at the same time means you’re doing a 24 hour fast! I have done lots of 24 hour fasts. I have done 2 and 3 day fasts and I did do a 5 and 7 day fast!
If you’re new to fasting, you must read Dr. Jason Fung’s the Complete Guide to Fasting. Another good read would be Jimmy Moore’s, Keto Clarity and Mark Sisson’s, The Keto Reset Diet.
And you must also consult with your doctor about fasting especially if you are Type II Diabetic, insulin resistant and/or pre-diabetic. I was Type II Diabetic and had high blood pressure when I started out, but I worked closely with my doctor.
I did have some large swings in my blood sugar levels, but I was always ahead of things because I checked my blood sugar often. So check your blood sugar often. I check my ketone levels at the same time every day to get an idea of the direction I’m going in.
When fasting, you can have bone broth, tea and even BPC (but no dairy).

Magic Mushroom Mixture Helps Produce #Ketones ! #lchf #ketosis

Wild Mushroom Saute
Wild Mushroom Saute

I’ve been eating lchf since July 2014. I have fallen off the wagon a couple times, but I’m mostly lchf. Lately my blood ketones have been running around 1.0 and it seems the only way I can get them higher is by fasting. I’ve done 24 hour fasts, 3 day fasts and even a 7 day fast. On the 7 day fast I think I got my ketones up to around 3.4. Pretty good! But I missed eating! Not that I felt hungry. I just missed the actual chewing part, the smells, the taste, the visuals, you know, all the sensory sensations of eating! So anyway, I’m cruising along around the 1.0 mark and one day after work (I’m the chef in my restaurant) I find myself with a lot of leftover fresh, wild mushrooms. So I cook them all up in Kerrigold Butter and a little olive oil. Add some asparagus and caramelized onions. I put it all in a big pasta bowl and start eating. I couldn’t eat all of it, so I saved half and took it home to eat on my day off. Every night when I get home from work, I test my blood sugar and ketones. When I got home that night my ketones were an impressive 2.9 instead of the just acceptable 1.0. Holy cow! I couldn’t think of anything I did different except for those mushrooms.

That was Saturday night. So on Monday, I heated up my leftover mushroom mixture! I took my ketone reading before I ate. It was 1.3. Then an hour after I ate the mushrooms it was 2.6. Dang! So, I’m going to be experimenting this week. I made some bone broth on Monday and I’m going to be sauteing some Shitake and Oyster mushrooms and adding them to may bone broth and see what my ketone readings are like. Anybody else have a jump in ketones like this by eating certain foods? Again, my only way to raise ketones in the past was to fast or exercise! Let me know.

Read any good books lately? I have!

As you look at the the titles of the books, you might get the general idea that I’m concerned with my health, want to lose weight and want to get complete control of my blood sugar. How’s it going you might ask? Its going great! Since July of 2014 when I started my journey to health and feeling good I’ve lost 70 pounds, I’m in way better shape and I got off my high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes meds! I still have some belly fat going on, so I still am a work in progress. But I’m getting there! Here’s a list of the things I did in order to get back in shape and feeling good.

  1. First thing I did was fix my gut. It all starts in the gut. Once I started the 21 day Gut Cleanse I immediately started feeling better. I had to give up a lot of food items that I enjoyed, but it was worth it because I was feeling so good. Thank you Dr. Alejandro Junger!
  2. The next thing I did was recommended from the Clean Gut people. I asked them when I finished the program now what do I do? I didn’t want to go back to eating the way I had been and screw everything up again. So, I was pointed to and The Primal Blueprint people. So I eat like a caveman! I’ve given up grains and all forms of sugar and I eat a low carb, high fat diet! Bacon and eggs really is the Breakfast of Champions! This is how I lost most of my weight and got back in shape. I’m going to eat like this for the rest of my life, which hopefully will now be a little bit longer than before I started all this!
  3. So even with the weight loss I still had some belly fat that I wanted to get rid of. I’m still working on that, but I am making progress. But I had a setback as describe in number 4.
  4. The summer of 2016 was filled with socializing from visiting family and friends and going out to dinner with our local friends. I got a little off track with the eating and drinking. I actually gained a little weight! So I tried to ramp up my Primal caveman eating and guess what! I was stuck. The dreaded weight loss plateau! At the same time I noticed my blood sugar was getting a little high. I was perplexed because I was not eating any carbs and I couldn’t get my blood sugar numbers back down. I’m talking number in the 150 to 180 range
  5. So I hit the books and turned to full time Ketosis and now fasting. Its going great. I’m losing weight again and my blood sugar number are great. 100 to 90, sometimes 87! When you’re in Ketosis your body is burning fat, your fat, for energy. Fasting amps up the process and has all kinds of other benefits.

6 Day Fast Over!

I scheduled myself to do a 7 day fast drinking only water, maybe some coffee, bone broth and tea. But my wife scheduled a get together with some friends on Sunday, which would be the 5th day of the fast! I don’t care what kind of diet or regimen you’re on and how dedicated you are, socializing is the biggest momentum killer in the universe! If the friends were fasting, it would be great, but they think I’m crazy (who, me?).  So I will not get a smidgen of support. And if we go to their house, the fast is over. On top of that it’ll be over with the worst possible food choices (for me) and there might be some alcohol involved! Not what you want to drink on an empty stomach. So, if I have to go, I’ll have to ease out on Saturday, which makes it only a 3 day fast. I’ve already done a 4 day fast and felt great. I was looking forward to a 7 day, and feeling even greater, I mean better! So we’ll see. Bookmark this page and look for updates.

Day 1, Wednesday, 11/04/16
In the meantime, here’s me report for day 1. Ate my last meal the day before around 5pm. A half pound burger on an oopsie roll! Mmmmm, mmmm, good! Low carb, high fat. Got up on day 1, started with a 15 min swim in the pool, then walked to the Hilton Health Club and did the HIIT Pit for a half hour! Trying to burn up a large quantity of sugar. Went to work. Didn’t eat anything (of course). Didn’t even taste anything I made for the restaurant! Blood sugar around 100 for most of the day. When I got home it was 113 and my ketones were .6, so going ok. Want to get those ketones way up there though. 3.0 would be nice.

Day 2, Thursday, 11/03/16
Woke up and my entire body was sore from yesterday’s HIIT Pit workout! Loosened up in the pool. Swam for 15 minutes, then did a 70 minute walk around town. Its the normal walk. Felt good. Got back home and had a BPC, bullet proof coffee, and one more cup of coffee. I added a tablespoon of MCT oil to my BPC and got the expected results! A bowel movement! Cleaned me out! Bye burger! I am now running on empty! I don’t plan to ingest anymore MCT oil, which is basically a bottle of ketones. I want to start running on my own ketones made from my own fat! So no more fat intake. I will just be drinking water, bone broth and tea (mostly my own kombucha). So about an hour after my coffee, my bs was 131 and ketones were .5. Ketones were not very high after having a tablespoon of MCT oil, but they may have all gone down the toilet! Sorry about that! No more talking about BMs and toilets! I will check my bs throughout the day and my ketones when I get back tonight from work. And I’ll just be drinking steam distilled water all day and for a while. I’m not going to take any of my supplements. So I’m going to be resetting my body to zero! Don’t worry, if I start feeling weird, I’ll adjust! Later…

Day 3, 4, 5, 6
I made it through six days! I was going to do 7, but we had friends come over on that day for dinner. So eased out of the fast that morning on day 7. I ate half an avocado and a tablespoon of nut butter. I took the other half of the avocado and blended it with a bottle of my own low sugar kombucha. Felt great! I was getting concerned about the color and smell of my pee! So on the morning of Day 6 I went to the doctor’s office and gave them a sample for testing. The results came back normal, except for an unusually large amount of… KETONES! That’s what I was shooting for! Powered by ketones. I did my walking everyday, some sit ups and swimming too. I never felt dizzy or weak. My blood sugar readings were fantastic, going as low as 87 without any jitters or cold sweats. My highest blood ketone reading was 3.0. So, all in all, a great experience! I lost some weight, but have gained some back. I will have to try to incorporate some 24 and 36 hour fasts in my normal everyday life, especially after to a long term fast like this. I think that might ease the weight re-gain a bit. But my blood sugar has stayed golden! I believe I reset my insulin resistance.