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Food For Thought – Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Coconut Oil is good!
When I run across articles about the health benefits of certain foods, I put a link to the article on my Food Notes page to that article for everyone to peruse. My latest find is about coconut oil. Check it out by clicking here! Lots of medical studies listed there.

Corn is bad!
Also, on the downside of food developments, don’t eat corn. A lot of the corn we consume in the United States is Roundup Ready! That means farmers can spray the corn crop with tons of Roundup and it won’t kill the plant. Good for the farmer, but not so good for us! A lot of that Roundup stays in the food as its being processed and that’s not good for the GUT. Your health starts in your gut!

Organic, Non-GMO
And on top of that, if you don’t buy organic, lots of other vegetables get sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Apples and strawberries are on top of that list. Also, if you like squash, its probably better if you buy organic. Spending the money up front now for organic may help you reduce medical bills in the future! Non-GMO and Organic is the way to go!


Chicory root – fiber

Therapeutic class probiotics – rhamnosus

Vitamin B complex – all 8 compounds

Benefits of Eating LCHF, Keto, Primal or Paleo?

Benefits of Using Chef Harry’s 21 Day LCHF Fun Foods Cooking Meal Plan

  1. No Hassle Cooking – See how easy it is to cook Primally. After you’ve been doing this a while, it will become second nature!
  2. See Exciting New Ideas – Take the boredom out of your current eating routine by expanding your repertoire. I was a restaurant chef for 25 years and thought I saw it all until I made a pizza crust using cauliflower!
  3. Get Off Meds – By following a low carb, high fat diet I lost 70 lbs and was able to get off my Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Meds. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any weight loss program.
  4. New Dairy Free Options – All recipes are gluten and grain free. Plus, all recipes have been modified to give you dairy free options!
  5. Get Expert Help – Get expert advice from a restaurant chef and Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach!
  6. Become a Fat Burning Beast – As you begin to eat high fat, low carb meals, you will retrain your body to burn fat instead of sugar!
  7. Low Carb Meals – We’re going to be eating low carb, high fat meals. Keep carbs under 50g a day and you could lose weight! I did!
  8. Share with the Community – I just started a Facebook User Group that you can join and talk to me and other people looking to become fat burning beasts! Share and posts pics of the food you’re eating. You’ll see what the community is doing for an endless supply of ideas to get you out of that routine boring pattern and to make eating Primal fun and exciting.
  9. Flexible Meal Plans – Yes we have 21 days of recipes, but you can hold off on some if you don’t have time. And feel free to look through my recipes and substitute to your heart’s content. Just keep in mind, I do big meals on Sundays with the extra food being used for quick meals during the week!
  10. Ketosis Prerequisite – If you’re looking to get in to ketosis, do this challenge following the dairy free options. Then take my Ketosis Focus challenge to get in to Ketosis!




Read any good books lately? I have!

As you look at the the titles of the books, you might get the general idea that I’m concerned with my health, want to lose weight and want to get complete control of my blood sugar. How’s it going you might ask? Its going great! Since July of 2014 when I started my journey to health and feeling good I’ve lost 70 pounds, I’m in way better shape and I got off my high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes meds! I still have some belly fat going on, so I still am a work in progress. But I’m getting there! Here’s a list of the things I did in order to get back in shape and feeling good.

  1. First thing I did was fix my gut. It all starts in the gut. Once I started the 21 day Gut Cleanse I immediately started feeling better. I had to give up a lot of food items that I enjoyed, but it was worth it because I was feeling so good. Thank you Dr. Alejandro Junger!
  2. The next thing I did was recommended from the Clean Gut people. I asked them when I finished the program now what do I do? I didn’t want to go back to eating the way I had been and screw everything up again. So, I was pointed to and The Primal Blueprint people. So I eat like a caveman! I’ve given up grains and all forms of sugar and I eat a low carb, high fat diet! Bacon and eggs really is the Breakfast of Champions! This is how I lost most of my weight and got back in shape. I’m going to eat like this for the rest of my life, which hopefully will now be a little bit longer than before I started all this!
  3. So even with the weight loss I still had some belly fat that I wanted to get rid of. I’m still working on that, but I am making progress. But I had a setback as describe in number 4.
  4. The summer of 2016 was filled with socializing from visiting family and friends and going out to dinner with our local friends. I got a little off track with the eating and drinking. I actually gained a little weight! So I tried to ramp up my Primal caveman eating and guess what! I was stuck. The dreaded weight loss plateau! At the same time I noticed my blood sugar was getting a little high. I was perplexed because I was not eating any carbs and I couldn’t get my blood sugar numbers back down. I’m talking number in the 150 to 180 range
  5. So I hit the books and turned to full time Ketosis and now fasting. Its going great. I’m losing weight again and my blood sugar number are great. 100 to 90, sometimes 87! When you’re in Ketosis your body is burning fat, your fat, for energy. Fasting amps up the process and has all kinds of other benefits.

92 Hour Fast Over!

My blood sugar has been goofy (high) lately. So I bought a book called The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, M.D. There were a couple of interesting tidbits in it which I think are epic. First and most epic for me since turning Primal is the little known fact (at least I didn’t know it) was that protein causes insulin to be released! Insulin is the fat storage hormone. Hmmmm. I’m a caveman, so I eat my fair share of animal protein. So protein doesn’t increase blood sugar, but it does increase insulin and if you’re not careful may cause weight gain. Holy cow! Dairy is even more insulogenic. This I knew and if I want to get the scale moving again I stay away from dairy. The other item of note, in a quote from the book is, “All diets are successful, all diets fail!”. What he means by this is if you undertake a diet, you will have initial success. But if you stay on the diet, your body will figure out what you’re doing and you’ll hit that darn weight loss plateau and may even gain back the weight you lost! The key to getting around this is fasting. Not many people fast anymore and if you just add this component to your diet and mix it up a little bit, you’ll be able to keep your body guessing and you will be able to keep losing weight!

So as I was saying, I noticed my blood sugar had been running high for a while. I couldn’t put my finger on anything specific, so I did a fast. I ate breakfast and lunch on Wednesday and didn’t eat any solid food again till Sunday morning at 11am. I was allowed to drink coffee, tea and broth. I made a vegetable broth and had a cup on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for lunch along with some tea for dinner and a whole lot of water during the day. I walked 4 miles each day, swam, did sit ups and then went to work! There were a few time that I noticed I was hungry, but they past rather quickly. On Sunday morning, I didn’t feel like I had to eat solid food, but that was my goal, 92 hours, and I just wanted to eat something again! So I had some Bullet Proof Coffee, more coffee, an omelet with avocado and a avocado kombucha smoothie for a drink.

Now my blood sugars were steadily going down during this whole thing and my ketones were going up! Ketones are produced when your body switches from burning sugar to burning fat. In this case, my fat. I lost over 13 pounds and felt absolutely fantastic! I had tons of energy! Saturday night was busy at the restaurant and that was no problem, plus when the shift was over, I did all the cleaning work I normally would do on Monday! When your body produces a lot of insulin over a along period of time your body becomes insulin resistant. When you’re in this state, losing weight is very hard to do and I was even gaining some weight back. I figured my insulin resistance was related to all my mindless and sometimes not so mindless cheating. I’d have cold coffees at work with heavy cream and a little agave nectar. If I had nothing to do at work or at home, I’d eat a piece of cheese and some nuts. I eat a meal even though I wasn’t hungry, etc, etc. Just too much food, and a lot of time the wrong food, going down the hatch. So the fast did a major metabolic reset for me. After I ate breakfast about 2 hours later my blood sugar was 126 and ketones were 1.2. Not bad. I decided to do another 40 minute walk, got 30 minutes of sun and swam for another 15 minutes. After that, my blood sugar was 90 and ketones 1.9. Wow! Very good!

I highly recommend fasting! You don’t have to go bonkers like I did. Start out with a 12 hour fast. Go to 18. Then do a 24 hour. Baby steps!

Need an Attitude Adjustment? Here’s 8 Ways to build Confidence!

I owe my success being Primal to Mark Sisson and his Primal Blueprint. He also has a blog called and I highly recommend that you sign up for it. You’ll receive daily emails about everything Primal. The one I got today will be a must read for me later as I have to get ready to go to work. It talks about confidence and attitude and things that get you off track causing a weight loss plateau, etc, etc. I have to get re-focused and concentrate what I’m doing as I have hit a weight loss plateau and have actually gained a little weight back! Part of it is being in the restaurant business! Temptations to cheat are everywhere! Especially since I’ve started to put together cooking classes that highlight the difference between a “normal” diet to a “Primal” diet. So I’m making (and tasting) all these non-primal foods! Its ironic, don’t ya think! I’m doing myself in by trying to help others! Anyway, the Primal Pasta class is coming together and I should be back on track soon, so reading this article is timely and is sure to help. Check it out!