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Game Day LCHF Meal Plan

Whatever sport(s) you follow, there’s always a game day coming up! Forget the bags of chips and crappy dip you buy from the store. Eat perfect LCHF Primal foods that are great for sharing with friends! Take your theme from American Southwest to Mediterranean or how about Asian. Or mix it up for World Cuisine! Pizzas, Tacos, Nachos, Shrimp Salads, Cheese Crackers, Wings and more.

Game day options


Southwest Mediterranean Asian
Spicy Wings Italian Wings Asian Wings
Guacamole Pesto
Cheese Chips Alternative breads
Southwest Pizza Pizza Margherita Asian Chicken Pizza
Southwest Sliders Greek Sliders Japanese Sliders
Southwest Shrimp Salad Mediterranean Shrimp Salad Asian Shrimp Salad
Almond Flour Crackers Almond Flour Crackers

Food for Thought – Primal Party Food

Food for Thought – Primal Party Food

Are you a low carb, high fat, Primal, Fat Burning Beast, but your friends aren’t? So what do you do when you get together for a party? Do what I do, feed them Primal foods and they’ll never know the difference! Primal foods are great! Who wouldn’t like some spicy chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing? Here’s pics of the food I made for a recent get together. Let me talk about the highlights. All the breads were grain and gluten free. Per serving they were all low carb too! The Paella is traditionally made with rice, but I used cauliflower rice to keep it primal and low carb. And finally the dessert. A two tiered Lemon Coconut Cake. It was made with almond flour, so its grain and gluten free. Plus I used Swerve sugar to make the cake layers, the frosting and the lemon curd. Swerve is zero calories and also a zero on the insulin response meter! AND… it tastes great! No funny after taste! Zero calories, zero insulin and it tastes great! Wow! Everybody at the party loved the dessert and said it was so good I should sell it at the restaurant, which I will do! Here’s the pics:

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What’cha Eating for Game Day? Primal, low carb dishes are easy!

You can do Pizzas and leave all those grains and gluten and carbs behind!
What about tacos and nachos, no problem with cheese “tortillas” and “crackers”

Burger with egg
Burger with egg

Burgers, sliders, BLTs and other sandwiches? Just make a grain free, low carb sandwich bun!
You can find all that in Chef Harry’s Primal Food Food Challenge on Vimify! And don’t forget wings, meatballs, pork rinds, etc, etc.