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Where’s the Beef?

The Beef, or should I say Steak, is right here!

Don’t ya just love beef? Grass fed beef is the best of course, but you can eat the grain fed stuff if that’s all that’s available. If cattle eat grass, everything is ok because that is what their genetic engineering tells them to eat. If you put a field of corn and a field of grass in front of cattle, they will more than likely wander into the field of grass and start munching away. Corn is not their thing. If they eat grains instead of grass, they start to become sick. Next, they’re being dosed with antibiotics to make sure they survive.

That combined with growth hormones and you can see why you don’t want to eat too much of grain fed beef. Toxins end up in the fat, so if you eat a lot of grain fed beef, don’t eat the fat. Cut the fat off and replace it with some butter from grass fed cows!

Quick Steak Recipe

My wife and I just shopped at Costco and bought some proteins while there including rib eye steaks. I was going to cook one on the grill for lunch, but it turned out to be a cold, windy day so I cooked inside instead. I pan seared the steak with some blackening seasoning on it. And then I transferred it to my air fryer and finished cooking it in there.

It came out medium well. I usually like my steaks medium rare to medium so it was a little over done for my taste. But it was still delicious and with my two over easy eggs, it was fantastic! I adjusted the below times to get the steak to medium, so if you want med rare, go a couple minutes less. If you want medium well, go a few minutes more.

  • One rib eye steak about one inch thick
  • Seasonings, I used blackening spices. You can just use salt and pepper, or use your favorite steak seasoning combo
  • Whatever side you want (but not fries!), I had Steak and Eggs. My wife just ate steak!
  1. Season the steak on both sides
  2. Sear the steak in a hot pan with a little olive oil and butter, 30 seconds each side
  3. Transfer to the air fryer basket and cook on the steak setting which should be 13 minutes at 370 degrees
  4. When its finished, place on a plate and let rest while you prepare your side
  5. Eat!

Benefits of Eating LCHF, Keto, Primal or Paleo?

Benefits of Using Chef Harry’s 21 Day LCHF Fun Foods Cooking Meal Plan

  1. No Hassle Cooking – See how easy it is to cook Primally. After you’ve been doing this a while, it will become second nature!
  2. See Exciting New Ideas – Take the boredom out of your current eating routine by expanding your repertoire. I was a restaurant chef for 25 years and thought I saw it all until I made a pizza crust using cauliflower!
  3. Get Off Meds – By following a low carb, high fat diet I lost 70 lbs and was able to get off my Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Meds. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any weight loss program.
  4. New Dairy Free Options – All recipes are gluten and grain free. Plus, all recipes have been modified to give you dairy free options!
  5. Get Expert Help – Get expert advice from a restaurant chef and Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach!
  6. Become a Fat Burning Beast – As you begin to eat high fat, low carb meals, you will retrain your body to burn fat instead of sugar!
  7. Low Carb Meals – We’re going to be eating low carb, high fat meals. Keep carbs under 50g a day and you could lose weight! I did!
  8. Share with the Community – I just started a Facebook User Group that you can join and talk to me and other people looking to become fat burning beasts! Share and posts pics of the food you’re eating. You’ll see what the community is doing for an endless supply of ideas to get you out of that routine boring pattern and to make eating Primal fun and exciting.
  9. Flexible Meal Plans – Yes we have 21 days of recipes, but you can hold off on some if you don’t have time. And feel free to look through my recipes and substitute to your heart’s content. Just keep in mind, I do big meals on Sundays with the extra food being used for quick meals during the week!
  10. Ketosis Prerequisite – If you’re looking to get in to ketosis, do this challenge following the dairy free options. Then take my Ketosis Focus challenge to get in to Ketosis!




Magic Mushroom Mixture Helps Produce #Ketones ! #lchf #ketosis

Wild Mushroom Saute
Wild Mushroom Saute

I’ve been eating lchf since July 2014. I have fallen off the wagon a couple times, but I’m mostly lchf. Lately my blood ketones have been running around 1.0 and it seems the only way I can get them higher is by fasting. I’ve done 24 hour fasts, 3 day fasts and even a 7 day fast. On the 7 day fast I think I got my ketones up to around 3.4. Pretty good! But I missed eating! Not that I felt hungry. I just missed the actual chewing part, the smells, the taste, the visuals, you know, all the sensory sensations of eating! So anyway, I’m cruising along around the 1.0 mark and one day after work (I’m the chef in my restaurant) I find myself with a lot of leftover fresh, wild mushrooms. So I cook them all up in Kerrigold Butter and a little olive oil. Add some asparagus and caramelized onions. I put it all in a big pasta bowl and start eating. I couldn’t eat all of it, so I saved half and took it home to eat on my day off. Every night when I get home from work, I test my blood sugar and ketones. When I got home that night my ketones were an impressive 2.9 instead of the just acceptable 1.0. Holy cow! I couldn’t think of anything I did different except for those mushrooms.

That was Saturday night. So on Monday, I heated up my leftover mushroom mixture! I took my ketone reading before I ate. It was 1.3. Then an hour after I ate the mushrooms it was 2.6. Dang! So, I’m going to be experimenting this week. I made some bone broth on Monday and I’m going to be sauteing some Shitake and Oyster mushrooms and adding them to may bone broth and see what my ketone readings are like. Anybody else have a jump in ketones like this by eating certain foods? Again, my only way to raise ketones in the past was to fast or exercise! Let me know.

Before and After Pics

I was about 300 pounds in the below left pic of me with my wife at our restaurant. My wife had a few extra pounds on her too! That pic was taken somewhere around 2010. In 2014 I came across the Low Carb High Fat diet via the Primal Blueprint people and Mark Sisson. The after pic was taken in July of 2015. I lost 70 pounds and got off all meds including Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure! My wife lost weight too. I call her collateral damage because she wasn’t totally on board, but had to eat mostly what I was eating. Its all about the food!

Intro to Low Carb High Fat Eating

I lost 70 lbs over 14 months by switching to a LCHF diet. I also got off my Type II Diabetes meds and my High Blood Pressure meds. That 14 months ended about 2 year ago. So how am I doing you might ask? Gain all the weight back? Get back on your meds fat boy? That would be a big fat NO and NO! I’m still doing good. Yes I cheat every now and then. Its hard to resist some pizza, Italian flatbread, Ice Cream, French Fries and such, especially when you’re working in your own restaurant making those “bad” foods! But when I notice the numbers going the wrong way, I get back on the horse and get everything back in line! And its easy!

Here’s how to start with LCHF. Stop eating sugar! All forms of sugar including high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar and any other kind of sugar that says its “healthy”. You have to even stay away from artificial, or “natural” low carb sugars like Stevia. This is because, even though there’s no calories, they still induce an insulin response! And insulin is the fat storage hormone, so we have to not only lower your blood sugar, we have to lower your insulin levels. If your blood sugar stays low long enough, this will definitely happen. So, not only do you have to stay away from sugar, you also have to stay away from foods that your body turns in to sugar! This includes starchy vegetables like potatoes, and no more pasta and bread. If you order a pizza, just eat the toppings!

Now when you stop eating sugar and the things that turn in to sugar, your body is going to revolt! Some addiction experts say sugar addiction is even more powerful than addiction to drugs like cocaine and heroin! When you’re a sugar burner your brain tells you to eat some more sugar about every two hours to keep those carbs coming in. When you stop the cycle to get your body to start burning fat, you may go into a funk of low energy, lethargy and feeling not so good. This is called the carb flu. It will pass! Just hang in there. Once you get passed the carb flu, your sugar cravings will stop. Just be sure to start eating high fat, low carb, moderate protein meals. Your macro breakdown on that would be around 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs. If you want to lose weight keep daily consumption of carbs to around 100 grams. The lower you go, the more weight loss potential. I try to keep carbs around 50g. If you stay around 20g, you’re talking ketosis and that a whole n’other story!

Good luck!