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Quick Sandwich #1

Salami Sandwich

If you have some good Primal sandwich ingredients laying around you can make a sandwich in less than a minute. Anyone can make a sandwich! Right? This one is going to be a salami sandwich because that’s what I got laying around. I also had made a batch of oopsie rolls the day before, so I had my “bread” all set to go!

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Everybody knows how to make a sandwich, but this one is a good Primal sandwich. No normal breads made with wheat flour. Mayonnaise made with avocado oil instead of the dreaded canola oil or soybean oil. Its low carb high fat, no grains, no gluten which is unlike any other “normal” sandwich. My blood sugar didn’t budge at all after eating this! And I stayed in Ketosis!

Lots of sandwiches can be made with leftover ingredients. Just make sure you stay Primal. If you’re Paleo, no dairy products! You can use oopsie rolls as the bread in just about any kind of Primal sandwich. Make a batch and keep them in the fridge.  There even good as burger buns! Cheese sandwiches, fish sandwiches, southwest chicken sandwiches, etc, etc. I even made some Reubens!

I love this mayo

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Food for Thought – Leftovers and Bone Broth

Food for Thought – Leftovers and Bone Broth

I hate throwing food out. Food is money, especially the organic, farm raised stuff. If I cook a whole chicken, when I’m finished eating, I take the meat off the bones and save it for meals later in the week. If I’m feeling industrious, I take the bones and make bone broth by simmering them with carrots, onion and celery. A little dash of apple cider vinegar in the broth as its cooking helps extract the minerals out of the bones. You can then eat the resultant broth on days when you fast! When I do this I take my supplements because I hate taking pills on an empty stomach. You can do this with any kind of bones from beef and chicken to duck and lamb, even fish! My favorite is making oxtail soup and cooking them down so they fall apart. The leftover broth will be loaded with collagen and after you refrigerate it, it looks like beef jello! This is chicken bone broth. When you strain the solids out of the broth be sure to press down on the solids while they’re in the strainer to get the juice out of the solids. It will make your broth a little cloudy, but it will have lots more flavor!