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Testimonials for the Fun Foods Challenge
Laurel says,
This was a great class for me! I am not a very imaginative cook and can easily get into a rut. Now I have a whole new group of recipes to enjoy! I have let fellow hive members at Unveil Your Wellness know what fun it was. Also without trying I have lost 2 lbs and stay fuller longer. If you ever do a follow up class with different recipes, count me in. Thank you for everything!

Christine says
Loved this challenge! Learned a ton, and got inspired to learn more about primal. I really liked the “prep for tomorrow” segments, as a good reminder of what’s coming up the next day. Loved that on some days we had multiple options along the lines of teaching us a technique! And that not every recipe was a super involved complete meal – there was good balance in the challenge. Thanks Harry!!

Allison says
Yummy. This challenge has taught me some easy and decadent culinary skills. It’s easy to stay primal with such an artillery of awesomeness. Lots of the dishes are now mainstays in this home.

Christine also says
Thank you for a wonderful challenge!! I’ve tried a lot of new things, got a lot of inspiration from you and the other challengers, and a super introduction to Primal. I’ve learned some great info in the past 3 weeks, and picked up some new habits to carry forward. Thanks for being such a great coach!



  • Wow! That is incredible! You are amazing, Chef! I got choked up too when I read about your straight A health report. It is never too old to start taking care of yourself and having the best life. What an inspiration you are.

  • Congratulations! Next time I’m in Sedona I’ll make a run over to Cornville and have a meal or two at your restaurant.

  • Your story put such a smile on my face and I kind of became choked up too. I am so happy for you and I agree, what the heck is taking so long for the rest of the world to take notice?! I love your last photo, so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

  • Great story Harry. Love the poster in the restaurant. I’ll eat at your place any time i’m in Arizona. Grok on!

  • What a fantastic success story–and recent doctor’s visit–you created for yourself, Harry! And love that you now serve primal specials at your restaurant!

  • Awesome success story! So adorable, with you and your wife in your chef coat ? Congrats on reclaiming your health!

  • Way to go Harry. And a Primal Blueprint poster in the restaurant kitchen too.

  • I just love the coat-sharing photo! ? Keep up your primal lifestyle!

  • Congratulations!! What a wonderful accomplishment. You look fantastic and I’m sure feel even more fantastic!!

  • Thanks for the inspiring story, Harry. It’s crazy, right? Why don’t we see Primal posters at the doctor’s? I wish my mom’s doctor would encourage her to try this for her type 2 diabetes, which she has “managed” spectacularly – all the more reason I believe that she could go off all meds by adopting this diet/lifestyle. We become attached, in some strange way, to the cycle of carbs and meds thrown at us by the medical profession. Congratulations to you! I need to make changes myself; maybe that will inspire her.

  • Amazing! Congratulations, and I absolutely love that very last photo!

  • Heck yea! Way to be a boss, Harry. Congrats on the amazing progress.

  • Yet another STELLAR story. You should be so proud of yourself, Harry. ?

    1. … haha… great title for a book !!

      Well done Harry, so many people think after 60 it’s not worth trying to get healthier, even my brother at 53 seems to feel that it’s normal to start to have meds in his life… how sad!

  • Fantastic story – and yes, why isn’t this a mainstream methodology? I’d like to know too.

    Congratulations on your perfect health! (your wife looks pretty pleased too)

  • Wow, Harry, awesome story! Not only did your life completely change, but you are changing the lives of other people with the food you are serving in your restaurant and the coaching you are doing for other people. Love to hear stories like this!

  • Amazing koan I read here:

    You are no longer diagnosed obese.
    You are no longer Type II diabetic.
    Your blood pressure is perfect.
    Your cholesterol numbers are that of a 20 year old.
    And you are officially off all medications

    Ommmmmm to that

  • Great story, congratulations and thanks for sharing. Enjoy your new life!

  • No way! I’ve been to Harry’s Hideaway when I lived in Cottonwood. Wish there were primal options when I lived in the Verde Valley a couple years ago, that’s when I started getting serious about MDA and primal lifestyle too. Small world ?

  • Wow, this is wonderful. Well done! And I wish more restaurants would offer primal dishes (especially avoiding damaging oils).

  • This is my first time hearing of the Primal Diet. But I’m a runner and tell people who are diabetic that you can pretty much eliminate diabetes by eating right and exercising, especially by running, jogging, or walking briskly on a consistent basis. Cardio exercises help you get in shape and become healthier better than anything out there. Your results look great!

  • Sounds like a good candidate for the Primal Kitchen Franchise!

  • Well done! Congratulations on your accomplishment. Means so much that you are paying it forward by offering primal fare at your restaurant. All the best!

  • Congratulations, Harry! I hope other restaurants follow your example. It’s frustrating to eat out and constantly have to create my own meal by combining an assortment of sides. Grok on!

  • Personally inspiring story from a fellow Cook who got his stuff together! Thank you, Chef!

  • Inspiring transformation! Wonderful that you are able to offer primal fare at your restaurant too.

  • Wow Harry!

    What a story.
    We are so honored to be a part of your journey towards optimal health!

    Keep it up!
    Here’s to your health!

  • Harry!
    I love your restaurant. I don’t get there often, but way to go!

  • The very last sentence is so spot on, but a lot of people are working on that! This is a great success story, and I LOVE that you have incorporated primal options on your menu! Congratulations on reversing your health and may you gain many more years of a fulfilling life as a result.

  • Inspiring beyond belief!

    I’m starting with a Whole30. About 3 weeks into it. Weird stuff is happening — like I have had to pull my car seat closer to the wheel twice already, apparently because I’m not reclined back due to the big gut. I stand and sit erect!

    The other weird thing is that I am happy all the damn time. An annoyance I have embraced.

  • Good for you, Harry!!! I sent this article to my mom. She is 80 and is a quadruple bypass survivor, a cancer survivor and also has type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, basically metabolic syndrome. I know at 80, she won’t be able to do all the exercises, but I believe she can get rid of that type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure by strictly following Primal. I’m praying that she is as inspired by your story as I am! Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration!

  • Wow. Your story carries so much “weight” with me. I’m 61, been obese nearly all of my life and just discovered Primal. Oh my goodness! I almost gave up trying to improve my health at this age, but now I know it’s possible. I’m type 2 diabetic and have been on disability for over 3 years. Thank God there are solutions to folks with difficult issues and health challenges like mine.