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Recipes using chicken

Chicken Liver Pate

Here’s three thinks you need to do to make a good Chicken Liver Pate:

  1. Have lots of butter
  2. Have lots of heavy whipping cream
  3. Have some mirin

Butter is the glue that’s going to hold it all together. Cream is going to give it a nice smooth, rich creamy finish that will make you want more! And the mirin is going to give it that “Hmmmmm, what exactly is that that I taste but can’t put my finger on?!”

Yep, its going to be good! I don’t do much measuring when I cook, so I’m going to give this my best guestimate. Here we go!


  • 1 One lb container of chicken livers, thawed out
  • 2 large shallots, peeled and chopped
  • 5 tbls butter
  • salt
  • white pepper
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/4 cup mirin (sake liquor) or brandy


  1. Melt butter in a large pan
  2. Add chopped shallots and cook for 2 minutes
  3. Add chicken livers spreading them out evenly around the pan. Let cook for a couple minutes, then turn each one over and cook the other side for a couple more minutes
  4. Add your spices, stir
  5. Then add your whipping cream, Worcestershire and Mirin or Brandy. Bring to a boil, then turn down and simmer for 5 minutes to reduce the cream and cook the livers through.
  6. Using a strainer placed inside a bowl, separate the solids from the liquid. Save the liquid!
  7. Place the solids in the bowl of a food processor. Start the processor. Then add the reserved liquid slowly. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and finish processing
  8. Place the mixture in small bread loaf pans lined with plastic. You can use other containers if you want. Use whatever you have. I put some right into a rigid ziploc container with no plastic because I was going to eat right out of the little container. If you want to turn out the pate on a serving dish, the plastic liner is the way to go! Place in the fridge to set, about 4 hours or overnight is the best.

Enjoy chicken liver pate with cheese crackers or Almond flour crackers or toasted coconut mug muffin slices!

Chicken Parmesan

Primal Chicken Parmesan

Alright! No breadcrumbs in this! We’re going to use ground pork rinds!
1 – 4 ounce bag of pork rinds
Place pork rinds in your food processor and grind them up until they resemble breadcrumbs. Use half for this recipe, saving the other half for breaded pork tenderloin you’ll be doing on day 15.
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees
1 boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut in half giving you the two lobes
1/2 cup grated Parmesan, chopped fine
1/2 cup ground pork rinds
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1 egg
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
2 tbl grass fed butter, or coconut for dairy free
2 tbl avocado oil
1/2 lemon
  • pound each lobe of the chicken breast flat with a mallet
  • you need 3 bowls for your breading operation
  • in the first bowl, put the tapioca flour
  • in the second bowl, put the egg and coconut milk and whisk
  • in the third bowl, mix together the cheese and pork rinds
  • coat the chicken breast by first dipping in the tapioca flour, then the egg wash and finally the cheese/pork rind mixture
  • heat an oven proof pan over medium high heat
  • add the butter and avocado oil, and melt the butter
  • when hot, add the chicken breasts
  • cook for a minute, turn over and put in the oven for 8 minutes, turning them over half way through
  • While the chicken is cooking, make a vegetable of your choice
  • When the chicken is finished, plate it up
  • Put the pan back on the flame, adding juice from half a lemon
  • Add a pinch of salt to the sauce, stir
  • Pour the sauce over your chicken breast

Southwest Chicken Taco

Southwest Chicken Taco Mixture
Pile some on my cheese tortillas with salsa and sour cream
Chicken Taco Mixture
1 tbl butter
1 tbl Olive oil
Half small onion, peeled and sliced
1 Red Bell Pepper, seeded and sliced
1 tsp salt
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
dash of cayenne pepper for heat (optional)
1 tomato, chopped
1 tbl chopped fresh cilantro
4 ounces cooked chicken (from Sunday’s Chicken Dinner)
½ cup water
Add butter and olive oil to a medium sized saute pan over medium heat
When the butter is melted add the onion and peppers
Saute peppers and onions (saute means jump, so toss them around! You can just stir with a wooden spoon if you like) for a couple minutes
Add salt, chili powder, cumin and optional cayenne
Saute for a couple more minutes until fragrant
Add chopped tomato, stir
Add chicken and cilantro
Then add water and stir with wooden spoon
Reduce mixture until almost all the water is gone and you’re done!
Enjoy in several Cheese “Tortillas” topped with some Guacamole and raw cabbage for crunch!
Note: I used a green bell pepper in the pic above. Use your favorite bell pepper! Red, yellow or green!

Pacific Rim Chicken

Pacific Rim Cream of Chicken – Dairy Free
Leftover cooked Chicken and Vegetables
Chicken Broth
1/2 can of coconut milk
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground cumin
2 tbls chopped fresh cilantro
Put broth, chicken and any leftover vegetables in a pan and bring to a boil
add coconut milk and spices
Reduce until thick
Note: I don’t tell you how much broth to use and I finish the recipe by telling you to reduce the liquid until its thick. A quicker way to thicken your meals with lots of liquid and still stay Primal is to use arrowroot. Arrowroot is like cornstarch or like using a flour and fat roux to thicken a sauce. Just take some arrowroot, mix it with water or white wine, and stir into your broth. Bring the broth back to the boil and your broth should thicken. I’d start out with a tablespoon of arrowroot and enough water to dissolve it. Make sure you mix your broth while you’re adding it or it may clump!

Creamed Chicken Recipe

Creamed Chicken

What to do with leftover chicken? The possibilities are endless. We’re going to take some of your leftover chicken and make Chicken Tacos in tomorrow’s recipe. Yesterday you made a sandwich. Today we’re going to make Cream of Chicken with it or you can go Pacific Rim with coconut milk, ginger and coriander if you want to. Of course, you can eat the Grape Picker’s Dinner leftovers as is, or use the chicken in other dishes and eat the broth with the vegetables. You can make a variety of chicken salads, or a variety of salads and put some chicken on top, with bacon! And you can use some with the Oopsie Rolls you made to make another sandwich. Whatever you do, post a pic! We want to see your creations!

Cream of Chicken
Leftovers from Grape Picker’s dinner, or the Roasted Chicken dinner
1 cup heavy whipping cream (or cream of coconut to go dairy free)
Put broth, leftover chicken and vegetables in a pan and bring to a boil
add heavy whipping cream (or coconut cream)
Reduce until thick
Note: I don’t tell you how much broth to use and I finish the recipe by telling you to reduce the liquid until its thick. A quicker way to thicken your meals with lots of liquid and still stay Primal is to use arrowroot. Arrowroot is like cornstarch or like using a flour and fat roux to thicken a sauce. Just take some arrowroot, mix it with water or white wine, and stir into your broth. Bring the broth back to the boil and your broth should thicken. I’d start out with a tablespoon of arrowroot and enough water to dissolve it. Make sure you mix your broth while you’re adding it or it may clump!

Grape Picker’s Chicken Dinner

Grape Picker’s Dinner – LCHF Fun Foods Challenge – Day 1 Alternate Recipe

Why is this called Grape Picker’s Dinner? Well, its a classic French dish that’s made out in the fields for the people picking grapes for wine during the harvest season. Its a simple and easy one pot meal that goes a long way. Traditionally there’s potatoes involved, but we’ll leave those out! You can, however, add a link of smoked Polish sausage if you’d like. It adds a great flavor to the broth!
Note: This is by far the most involved of all the recipes in this challenge! It is the alternate, so if you have the time, have at it! Which ever recipe you decide to do please note, you’re going to be using leftover chicken in the next 3 days’ recipes! So all this hard work up front will make things easier for the next couple of days! You’re going to make a sandwich, a dish of Creamed Chicken and Vegetables and some chicken tacos. If you think you’re not going to have enough chicken from one whole chicken (depending on size of family), get two!
  • 1 whole chicken, preferably pastured raised, organic, no hormones or antibiotics
  • 1 Rutabaga (optional)
  • 3 leeks
  • 6 carrots, buy regular carrots and peel them and slice them. Don’t buy the little knubs shown in the pic. When knubs are made, they soak them in bleach to keep them from turning! Didn’t find this out until recently.
  • 3 turnips
  • 3 parsnips
  • 1 small cabbage
  • 1 package of smoked Polish sausage (optional)
  • 4 quarts of water, or just enough to cover the whole chicken
  • 1 tbl basil
  • 1 tbl Oregano

  • Bring water to a boil
  • Add chicken, make sure chicken is covered with water, add more if necessary. Some people add the chicken to the water and then turn on the heat and bring the water to the boil. I think you get a lot of scum production doing it that way. But in any case, if there is scum, skim the scum with a large spoon and throw it away.
  • Bring chicken back to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Simmer for 1 hour
  • Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables
  • Peel and slice the rutabaga (if using) into sticks that look like French fries
  • Cut leek bottoms and dark green tops off, slice halfway down the light green part and rinse under running water to get the dirt and mud out.
  • Peel and slice carrots on the bias (don’t use the nubby carrots that you see in the video)
  • Peel and cut turnips into sixths
  • Peel and cut the parsnips into circles
  • Remove outer leaves of cabbage and cut into 8 wedges, save one wedge of raw cabbage to use later in the week for tacos
After the hour is up remove the chicken from the pot, put in a bowl and let cool until easy to handle by hand, turn up the heat and bring stock to the boil.
Let’s cook the vegetables!
  • Add the carrots first, let the water come back to the boil
  • Add the parsnips, let the water come back to the boil
  • Add the rutabaga (if using), bring back to a boil
  • Add the turnips and the leeks
  • Cook the veggies until done to your liking. Some people like crunchy, some people like very soft.
  • Remove the vegetables and let cool
  • Add the cabbage wedges and again cook to your liking
  • This is where you can add the smoked Polish sausage if you are using.
  • Meanwhile remove the meat from the chicken, saving the bones. You are going to add the bones back to the pot to cook a little more and you’re going to end up with a delicious bone broth!
  • Remove the cabbage
  • This part was not in the video. Sorry about that!
  • Add the bones, garlic, oregano and basil and boil gently for another half hour.
  • Strain the broth through a fine mesh strainer
To serve, heat chicken meat and vegetables in some of the broth. Serve in a bowl, sprinkle with your favorite salt and chopped parsley and a side of your favorite mustard (no sugar added)  for dipping.
You’re going to have lots of food leftover, unless you have a big family!
Portion it out for quick and easy meals to eat later in the week.  So you can use the leftovers as is and keep eating Grape Picker’s Dinner, or you can use the chicken meat to make a variety of sandwiches (day 2 on oopsie rolls) or salads. Or just add some cream to your broth to make creamed chicken with vegetables (day 3). Or add some curry, coconut milk and cilantro to go Pacific Rim (day 3 option)! Or make chicken tacos (day 4). Check out the 28 Day LCHF Fun Foods Meal Plan.

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
You can do this in the oven in your kitchen, or in the summer time, you can roast the chicken and vegetables on an outdoor grill instead!
For the oven in your house, preheat to 350 degrees. Once you put the roasting pan in, it should take about an hour to 90 minutes to get the chicken to an internal temp of 165. I like to go a little longer, maybe even lowering the temp a bit so nothing burns. This will make the chicken fall off the bone tender.
As far as the grill goes, there are a lot more variables. Outside temp, wind, how many times you lift up the cover, etc! I have a six burner gas grill. I turn the four outside burners on, leaving the middle two off and preheat it to around 350 to 400.
Veggies I used in the video:
  • 3 Carrots
  • 1 Fennel bulb
  • 1 large turnip
  • 10 whole cloves of garlic
  • You can add an onion if you like, some celery, peppers, up to you!
  • Cut up your vegetables and put them in the bottom of a roasting pan
  • I cut the chicken in half with kitchen shears and put the halves skin side up in a roasting pan on top of the vegetables. It will cook faster and more evenly when you cut the chicken in half.
  • Add about a half inch of water to the pan and place the pan on the grill over the two burners that are off. If you want to develop a more rich and flavorful broth, you can use a box of chicken bone broth instead of plain water.
  • Close the lid and bake for at least an hour, then check the temp of the chicken. The internal temperature should be at least 165. Depending on how hot your grill is this can take 1 to 2 hours. You can use a remote thermometer for the temp, but you should look at this every now and then because you don’t want the liquid in the pan to evaporate and have everything start burning!
If you have a charcoal briquette grill like a Weber grill, start the briquettes to either side and then place the pan in the middle. You’ll just have to watch your temperature. Again, just make sure you don’t run out of liquid and burn things!

Quick Tacos with a Cheese Tortilla

I had some leftover chicken I roasted from the other day, so I thought I’d make some chicken tacos. Had an onion and some green peppers from the wife’s garden and tomatoes too. Since I’m Primal I can’t eat corn or wheat, so no traditional tortillas for me. So I made tortillas by melting grated cheese in a cast iron skillet until it formed a pliable “tortilla”. Then I sauteed my veggies in the cast iron pan spicing them up with chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper and a little dried cilantro flakes. I piled the filling on my cheese tortillas and topped them with some sour cream and salsa. No need for cheese because my tortillas were made of cheese! Very tasty!

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