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Riding the Gravy Train

Big Meal Day – Riding the Gravy Train!

I make a turkey in this video. You could make a pork roast or beef roast, if you like. The point I’m trying to make today is you can have something that’s as every bit as good as mashed potatoes and gravy and still be Primal. Regular mashed potatoes and gravy are out because potatoes have too much starch in them and that’s high carb. And gravy is usually made with flour and that’s from a grain and has gluten! Three strikes and you’re out, or something like that!
So as far as the main course goes, use something that you’re comfortable with cooking. If you don’t do a turkey and don’t want to do a pork or beef roast, you could roast a chicken. Leftovers will be great on an oopsie roll as a sandwich or as a filling in tacos with a cheese tortilla, two things which we’ve already done.
The other main point of doing a big meal on Sunday is that you have leftovers for the week to eat, so you don’t have to work too hard to fix a meal after a long day at work!

Additional Celery Root Mashed and Gravy Video

Just wanted to make it clear in the Turkey video, I mashed the celery root in the food processor and I also made the gravy in the food processor. Some people in the past have missed this. I’m just adding this video of another batch I made just to help clarify.Thanks!

Dairy Free Alternatives

If you’re making “mashed potatoes” using celery root or cauliflower, when you puree them in the food processor its normal to add cream and butter. Instead, you can use a little coconut milk and coconut oil or olive oil.