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Food for Thought – Snack Attack!

Food for Thought – Snack attack!

Do you find yourself snacking? If so, I’ve failed! The meals you eat should be satisfying and there should be no need to snack. As a matter of fact, you should be skipping meals because you’re not hungry. Don’t forget, eat only when and if you’re hungry!
But I do get hungry at times when I’m in the middle of something, so I just want to eat something quick and easy. So what do I reach for? Nuts are up there. Macadamias, Brasil nuts and walnuts are my top three nuts. Sprouted, raw pumpkin seeds are up there. Hard boiled eggs are good. A piece of cheese. Some raw veggies with some kind of nut butter. Bacon! Bacon is good because of the high fat content. Not exactly a quick fix, but a good fix. Protein and fat make you feel sated, so be sure fat is a part of the snack. A piece of celery is good, but add a nut butter or cream cheese to it for fat and it will be more satisfying.
I don’t know about bars. Protein bars or whatever bars. They remind me of candy bars and I don’t eat candy. Jerky may be good. I don’t eat jerky, but what could be bad about elk jerky? Just make sure there are no preservatives and nitrates and other chemicals.
Remember, you can snack, but do so in moderation. You can over do the calorie intake, so be careful! Also, a little about cheese snacks and dairy in general. Dairy is insulogenic. If you eat a lot of dairy, you may be producing a lot of insulin. When you do this for long periods of time, you may become insulin resistant. When you’re insulin resistant, your blood sugar can remain abnormally high and you could become Type II diabetic. You don’t want to open that can of worms! Ease up on the cheese!
That’s frsh mozzarella with Basil Pesto and Sun Died Tomato Pesto and on the right is lunch meat (kinda ok, its processed food with nitrates. I eat occasionally), pickles and mustard.