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Five Ways to Lose Weight

I lost 70 pounds and got off Type II Diabetes meds and High Blood Pressure meds! Which way do you think I did it?

  1. Liposuction
  2. Lap Band Surgery
  3. I ate pre-packaged foods from a weight loss company
  4. Eating salads with lemon juice on them and jogged 100,000 miles
  5. Ate delicious, whole foods like bacon and eggs, steaks and vegetables, wild fish, lots of chicken, salads with creamy dressings and cooked protein like salmon, chicken or steak, walked a lot, cut down on drinking, no sugar, no grains, no gluten


It wasn’t liposuction or lap band surgery. I don’t like the idea of surgery unless its absolutely necessary. I don’t know anyone who has done liposuction (or that would admit to it), but it just seems drastic. Did you ever see video of a doctor doing liposuction on a patient? Not my cup of tea! I guess the idea is the less cells you have, the less fat you can store! But if you keep eating the way your eating, what’s going to happen? The cells you have left are going to get bigger!

Lap Band Surgery

Same with lap band surgery. You get a lap band installed and you can’t eat much because your stomach is now really small. So you lose weight initially because you can’t physically eat a whole box of donuts anymore! But guess what? After a while of jamming as much food down your throat that you can, that little bit of stomach starts expanding and sure enough you’re back to eating whole boxes of donuts again! I do know someone who had lap band surgery and they have gained the weight back. And that lap band may become a problem in the future. Again, surgery is not my cup of tea.

Pre-packaged Food

Buying a company’s pre-packaged food items and eating only them is not for me because I like to cook and I like to know exactly what’s going into my food. Meals cooked and packaged in a factory some where in Kansas does not appeal to me. When were they made? What do they put in them to preserve them? Etc, etc. No thanks! I’ll cook my own food.

Salads and Cardio

Eating salads with lemon juice on them will help you lose weight in the short term. You’ll get tired of eating salads and you’ll start cheating rather quickly. Plus the exercising is going to wear you out! Chronic cardio is not the way to go because no amount of exercise can fix a bad diet! Limiting caloric intake and upping the exercise is just not sustainable. You’ll just wear yourself down. I do eat salads, but not a whole lot and certainly not exclusively.

Whole Foods and Walking

So that leaves Number 5, and yes, I lost my weight eating whole foods while adhering to the Primal Lifestyle! The main thing is to eat low carb high fat. So cereal for breakfast is out and bacon and eggs are in! Omelets are great! A salad for lunch is great as long as you put some bacon, bleu cheese, hard boiled eggs and creamy bleu cheese dressing on it! Now that’s a salad! For dinner eat some quality protein like steak, duck, lamb, chicken or wild caught fish with a low carb veggie like asparagus or broccoli.

Cut out the sugar and starchy vegetables. No grains and no gluten. Cut down on the alcohol or eliminate it altogether while in the process of losing weight. Once you lose the weight you wanted to, you can drink again, but keep a watch on your weight and stop if you start gaining weight again. Same with dairy. For weight loss, eliminate dairy altogether. Once you’ve lost the weight you wanted to, you can ease dairy back in to the equation, but keep an eye on that weight. For more info and a detailed step by step 21 Day Plan, sign up for my 21 Day LCHF Primal//Paleo Intro/Reset. Its a great introduction to the Primal Lifestyle or great for a reset if you been off track for a while and its just $1 a day!

I Lost 70lbs Eating LCHF!

Not only that, I also got off my Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Meds! And I’ve been able to keep the weight off for four years! I do go up and down a little bit, but who doesn’t during the holidays? But the main thing is I feel great! Its nice to get off those meds with all their different side effects. I can remember going to the doctor about a particular problem and she was stumped. But when I stopped my meds, the problem went away! Nice!

So how’d I do it? I was over 300 pounds, so exercising was difficult. I couldn’t even do jumping jacks. It actually hurt with all that fat jiggling around! So I concentrated on my eating to lose some weight first. I cut out the carbs and, lo and behold, I lost some weight. Which made exercising a little more comfortable. So I was then able to do those jumping jacks and walk, bike and swim. After losing a little more weight I was able to play tennis, throw (and chase) the frisbee around and do sprints! I never thought I’d be able to run again, but there you have it. Before I knew it I was down 70 pounds! It took 14 months, but I was also the chef in my own restaurant, so I think that’s a pretty good time frame. Of course, I was getting my blood work done every 3 months so my doctor was aware of what was going on. Numbers were good and I started weaning myself off the meds and that was it!

You’ll be able to find lots of the foods I ate on that weight loss journey right here on my website. Some of the recipes are free, but most of the cooking videos and meal plans are in Premium content. You can probably find everything out there on the world wide web, but its all right here and you get a health coach too! That’s right! I sold my restaurant and became a Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach! Are you ready to get started?