Do You Have the Guts to be Primal?

Do you have the GUTs to be Primal?
At my lowest health point I couldn’t eat bacon or stand the smell of it!

Now that’s serious! Before I started my Primal journey my body was all screwed up. My weight was in the 290s, I was popping high blood pressure meds, taking a pill for my Type II diabetes and I had just been prescribed a pill called Omeprazole for my constantly queasy stomach and acid reflux. My doctor said “some people have to take that for the rest of their lives”. Thanks Doc!
So I was on my own to figure out what to do with myself. I knew my digestive system was going berserk. I was bloated with inflammation and probably had a leaky gut. And on top of all that, I couldn’t stand the smell of bacon and couldn’t eat it either. If my wife wanted bacon, she had to cook it outside on the grill using the side burner so I wouldn’t smell it in the house! Of all the things going wrong, that may have been what put me over the edge, NO BACON! So, I decided to clean and repair my gut. I went on a 21 day Gut Cleanse with No Sugar, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Alcohol and No Caffeine. There were a lot of other no’s, but these were the major ones. I would start the day with a protein shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a another shake for dinner. There were supplements to take with each meal. If you’re thinking Cleanse means sitting on the toilet all day long, it’s not. You’re just putting good stuff in until all the bad stuff comes out eventually and you’re detoxed and repaired! After the 21 days is over, you spend the next week reintroducing dairy and then gluten to see if there were any noticeable problems.
Sounds like an impossible task, especially considering that I was a chef in my own restaurant! Temptations are everywhere! I made bread everyday, desserts, creamed soups thickened with flour, etc, etc, but I did it. I started to feel better almost immediately. And its that healthy good feeling that kept me going and not cheating. I hear about people cheating on this diet and that diet and I just don’t get it. Even in the 21 Day Primal Challenges, people just don’t do the tasks, or they cheat on carbs and grains and I just don’t get it. You have to be committed and focused and you too will feel great. Once you start feeling great, why would you risk a cheat? OK, well maybe one or two, I guess I do too! But not during the challenge!
So anyway, I did this 21 days and I fixed my gut! I did another 7 days for reintroducing dairy and gluten. The results are… I’m back to loving bacon! I eat bacon 4 or 5 times a week. And I’m off that Omeprazole. Take that pill for the rest of my life? That’s crazy! How about getting to the root of the problem instead of just trying to cover up a symptom? That’s the same with taking high blood pressure medication and glucose pills. They’re making your numbers look good, but they’re not solving the underlying cause of your problems. By the way I got off all these meds under the close scrutiny of my doctor. Office visits and blood tests just to make sure everything was going ok. My doctor is very happy with how I’m doing, make sure you talk to yours.
So I fixed my gut and started eating Primal which in itself is good for the gut, because you get rid of gluten, grains and legumes and that reduces systemic inflammation. There goes the bloating and some water weight. When there’s systemic inflammation the body retains water kind of like when you sprain your ankle and there’s localized swelling, but instead, its system wide. Besides putting good things into your gut, your gut also needs time to repair and maintain itself. Most of this happens while you sleep. Its a good idea not to eat for at least two hours before you go to bed. So if you go to bed at 10pm, don’t eat anything after 8pm. Sleep for 8 hours and when you wake up, don’t eat anything for 2 hours. That will give your gut 12 hours to work on things without being taxed with the task of digesting newly eaten food. You can go 12 hours without eating any food, right? When you’re fat adapted you can! Carb eaters ride the sugar/glucose roller coaster. When glucose goes low, your body tells you you’re hungry and to eat something. You eat more carbs for a temporary fix, and so on and so forth. On this Standard American Diet (SAD) of eating lots of carbs its going to be very hard to not eat for 12 hours.
When you switch from eating carbs and sugar to eating high fat and low carbs thereby becoming fat adapted, you’ll stay satiated longer. You’ll have no problem not eating for 12 hours or longer! But it doesn’t happen overnight. You may go through what is called the “carb flu”. You may feel sluggish and have a headache. But you’ll get through it.
So, do you have the guts to be Primal? Let’s keep going and find out!

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