Don’t throw out ANY food! Eat your leftovers!


In this time of the Corona virus its important to use your food efficiently so you eat up those leftovers and don’t throw anything out. Hopefully, the hoarders who bought excess food will do the same. It would be a shame if any of it went in to the dumpster!

So we just got done with St. Patrick’s Day. I cooked a small corned beef I got at Costco, but for two people it was still quite a lot. So here’s what I did with the leftovers.

The Corned Beef cost $14.36. I got lots of meals out of it!

My wife and I had two meals like the above.

Then we split two Reubens for two other meals. I had some fresh, raw sauerkraut that I also bought at Costco. Good stuff! That left me with some cabbage, potatoes and a little corned beef. So I made corned beef hash. We also bought a rotisserie chicken from the local food store, so after a meal of that I made Curry Apple Chicken Salad and I made a small pot of Chicken vegetable soup. I used the bones to make a broth that I then added some chicken bouillon to. Here we go!

I went through the fridge and found all these leftovers and some mushrooms that I hadn’t started using for anything yet. So, some are going into the soup. First, I’m making the corned beef hash.

Saute some onions with a little bit of olive oil. You’re going to get a lot of fat from the corned beef, so don’t go overboard in the beginning.

Add the leftover, chopped up corned beef.

Add the leftover potatoes and cabbage chopped up.

I didn’t cook it much because I wasn’t going to have any at this time. I had my mind set on a bowl of soup. Let’s make some chicken soup!

I boiled the bones for about 30 minutes, but then I did add some chicken base to the broth (its like a bouillon cube, but not as salty.

Sauteing the veggies before adding them to the broth brings out the sugars in them and adds more flavor to the soup.

My wife doesn’t like seaweed, but I do. So I just break up a piece into my soup just before I eat it.

Mmmmm Mmm good! Now on to the chicken salad.

This is the chicken salad dressing. Mayo, lemon and lime juice, salt, a squeeze from the tube of cilantro (you can use fresh cilantro if you have it), curry powder and Major Grey’s Mango Chutney. Whisk it up!

Add the salad stuff! The diced chicken, diced Granny Smith Apple, grated carrot and chopped celery. Mix it up!

I served it on top of chopped iceberg lettuce and garnished with cashews. In the restaurant I would also add red seedless grapes, but this was good. Maybe some chopped scallion would have made it more visually appealing, but it sure tasted good! Let’s make some soup.

Good luck! Eat those leftovers and stay healthy!


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