Exercising – Sorry, you do have to at least move!

When I started out I was over 300 pounds and couldn’t exercise much because all that fat jiggling around actually hurt! So I lost some weight simply by eating the right foods! Primal! Then I did a lot of walking and also some swimming because its low impact. So I lost some weight. Then I did some biking. Lost some more weight. I was now able to do in home Primal workouts using body weight. The four Primal Essential Movements are push ups, squats, pull ups and planks. I bought a Frisbee. Played tennis. Lost some more weight and now I was able to do sprints! I never thought I’d be able to run again! I did some crossfit in the local HIIT Pit! All the while I was still walking. Mostly around the neighborhood and some on forest trails. The point is have fun! Do fun things! Get your spouse involved. Get the neighbors together to play basketball or baseball. Do things. Get out there. Socialize. Just do it!

Wait! Lets talk about watching TV. You have to get up and move every now and then. If its football Sunday, if I watch one game sitting down, I watch the next game standing up and moving around. I got some hand weights and a kettle bell and have been known to use them while watching a game! Self control! Don’t throw them at the TV if something bad happens to your team!

And as always, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Please share your thoughts!