Food For Thought – Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Coconut Oil is good!
When I run across articles about the health benefits of certain foods, I put a link to the article on my Food Notes page to that article for everyone to peruse. My latest find is about coconut oil. Check it out by clicking here! Lots of medical studies listed there.

Corn is bad!
Also, on the downside of food developments, don’t eat corn. A lot of the corn we consume in the United States is Roundup Ready! That means farmers can spray the corn crop with tons of Roundup and it won’t kill the plant. Good for the farmer, but not so good for us! A lot of that Roundup stays in the food as its being processed and that’s not good for the GUT. Your health starts in your gut!

Organic, Non-GMO
And on top of that, if you don’t buy organic, lots of other vegetables get sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Apples and strawberries are on top of that list. Also, if you like squash, its probably better if you buy organic. Spending the money up front now for organic may help you reduce medical bills in the future! Non-GMO and Organic is the way to go!


Chicory root – fiber

Therapeutic class probiotics – rhamnosus

Vitamin B complex – all 8 compounds

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