Food for Thought – Dairy

Food for Thought – Dairy!

Watch out for dairy! Dairy is insulogenic. Meaning when you eat dairy it promotes the creation of insulin. In the old days when I ate everything including tons of carbs and was gaining weight, I ate a lot of dairy products too. So I’ve got too many carbs going on, too much sugar in the blood and too much insulin. The insulin is storing the excess sugar as fat, but the blood sugar levels are so high, you need more and more insulin to help get that sugar out of your blood and into your cells. The cells actually get tired of all this insulin telling them what to do and they (you) become insulin resistant.

So when I hit this point, guess what? I’m diagnosed Type II Diabetic and my doctor prescribes me Glipizide, which tells my pancreas to create even more insulin! This increased insulin did the trick! It lowered my blood sugar readings, but it really didn’t solve my problem! No matter what I did I couldn’t lose weight and I think I even added some weight while taking this pill! Isn’t it crazy? I’m overweight because I’m insulin resistant, with the excess insulin storing carbs as fat, and I’m given a pill that creates even more insulin and makes me fatter!

Now I’m not saying give up dairy entirely. I am saying give up carbs, which is the Primal way anyway! Everybody’s different. If you’ve never had weight problems, insulin resistance or have been or are Type II Diabetic you may be totally ok with dairy. However, if you are insulin resistant, you might want to lay off the dairy for a while, retraining your body to be more insulin sensitive! And then gradually add dairy back in once your problems are solved!

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