Food for Thought – Don’t Gum Up the Works!

Food for Thought – Don’t gum up the works!

You’re going to get rid of dairy except for heavy cream and butter and full fat yogurt and cheeses. These are high fat no/low carb. All other dairy products contain too much sugar. A dairy product replacement is coconut milk. Don’t use soy, soy is bad (GMO). Look at the ingredient list and make sure there is no carrageenan in it. Its a possible carcinogenic! I found a “organic” heavy cream and much to my dismay it had carrageenan in it. And you might also want to stay away from gums like guar gum and xantham gum. They’re ok on a limited basis, but if you eat too much of them they may tend to gum up the works! Too much cheese might do that to! So make sure you mix things up!

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