Food for Thought – Fermented Foods

Eat some digestive enzymes!

You need to eat some raw foods to get digestive enzymes. You need these enzymes to help you digest food. When you cook food the heat kills the digestive enzymes. You could take a digestive enzyme supplement (which I do every now and then), or you can just eat food that hasn’t been cooked. Salads are great! I like to mix things up with foods that are not only raw, but those that are fermented like kimchi and raw sauerkraut. The kimchi pictured above is available just about anywhere. The raw sauerkraut pictured above is from Costco and is delicious! It has just 1 gram of carbs per tablespoon! So after I’m done with my bacon and eggs, I have a couple tablespoons of sauerkraut. Its pretty handy to just have that sitting there in the fridge ready to go! Or I put my fried eggs on top of a little bit of kimchi and let the yolk run into the kimchi to mellow out the taste of the kimchi (kimchi is an acquired taste). Another plus for fermented foods is that they may help you poop! Wow! I bet you weren’t ready for that! 🙂
BTW, that can of salmon is from Costco too and its wild Alaskan Salmon. I made a quick salmon salad with some of that mayo, celery and scallion and its nice and handy to have around. You could buy fresh salmon. Just make sure its not Atlantic salmon. Atlantic salmon is all farm raised and I don’t recommend that. The farms kill the ocean floor and the nutritional value of the salmon is suspect. When you have to add red dye to the food they feed the salmon to make the salmon pink instead of grey, that’s not for me. Costco does sell wild Alaskan Salmon portioned out in the freezer section. I’ll take frozen wild fish over fresh farm raised anytime!

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