Food for Thought – More About Fasting

Food for Thought – More about Fasting
I scheduled two fastings in the Ketosis Focus Meal Plan and that’s all the fasting I’m planning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do more if you want to! Fasting will definitely get you in deep ketosis. Check your blood sugar numbers and ketone numbers. If you decide to stop fasting, make sure you’re you check your blood to see how eating affects your ketone numbers. Its really all up to you! Eating LCHF keto meals will more than likely keep you in ketosis, but it probably won’t be deep ketosis. And that’s OK! That’s what I basically did without any fasting for 14 months when I first started LCHF. I lost 5 pounds a month (on average) for 14 months. That’s 70 pounds!

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