Food for Thought – Veggies and Carbs

More on Veggies!

Vegetables are good. In general that is! Some have a high sugar content and therefore are high in carbs. You don’t want to be Bugs Bunny and eat carrots all day! Onions too! You might not think there is a lot of sugar in an onion, but there is. I caramelize a lot of onions in my restaurant without adding any sugar to them. This is because the sugars come out of the onion while you’re cooking them and caramelize in the pan. Not that you can’t eat any carrots or onions, just watch your intake. I worked in a factory while in college and there was these two older guys that would eat raw onions like apples. Don’t do that! Not because it’s weird, but because you don’t want to eat too many carbs!
When buying vegetables, remember, buying local, organic is the best with emphasis on the local. You can buy organic veggies any time of the year, like asparagus, but are they the best for you and the  planet? Asparagus is a spring crop. If you see asparagus and its the middle of winter, that asparagus probably is not from anywhere near you. Maybe from another hemisphere! I live in Arizona. The US gets a lot of produce from Mexico and South America. To get that produce from these far away places, it usually is picked before it’s ripe and the carbon footprint is definitely not green! If the produce is not marked where it’s from, ask the grocer. They know!
Some low carb veggies include bok choi, romaine, Boston Bibb, cauliflower, squash, cucumber, radishes, garlic and mushrooms.
Some of my go to vegetables include broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers (they are on the sweet side, so some moderation is required), brussel sprouts, cabbage and greens. Any kind of greens. My wife grew kale for me in her garden and it was fantastic! I joined a CSA one year. That stands for Community Supported Agriculture and I would get a box of organic vegetables every week from local farmers. It was a surprise box, but most of the time there were greens including collard greens, kale, turnip greens and beets with their greens. Fantastic stuff. I also make a lot of spinach feta quiches in my restaurant and sometimes I cook a little extra fresh spinach for me and have it as a snack. Spinach is good for you, so if you want to be a Popeye, that’s ok! Remember, no Bugs Bunny!

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