Food for Thought

Just starting this page on 4/24/17 and will continue to update as I find new and interesting info!

  • Coconut Oil Health Benefits
  • Red Onions, low carb, fights cancer
  • Wheat, I stay away from grains as much as possible (I do cheat every now and then especially with bread). But when I ate wheat and grains every day, all day long, I was bloated with inflammation and didn’t even know it! I wasn’t celiac, but when I removed wheat from my diet I immediately began to feel better! Here’s a link to the say no to wheat people’s website!
  • Chia Seeds, benefits
  • Turmeric, good for inflammation and more
  • Cilantro, powerful herb benefits. If you like it, eat it. If you don’t, supplement!


Eat Primal/Paleo Foods to Get Healthy, Reverse Type II Diabtes and Get Off Meds Like I Did! You can do it too!