Foods that Help Lower Insulin Resistance

I’ve struggled with insulin resistance in the past and have used some of these foods to help. As a matter of fact I was full blown Type II Diabetic, but not anymore. Although I believe most of my success from reversing my Type II Diabetes was from the fact that I lost 70 pounds by eating right and exercising a little bit, I did eat some of these foods during the process. I don’t think you can just add these foods to your diet and you’re going to reverse insulin resistance. You’re going to first have to start eating totally right (for me that is low carb high fat) and then ad these foods to a correct diet.

Some of the foods I added are mostly spices like turmeric and cinnamon, but I also started eating berries as a low sugar “dessert” to my meals. Here’s a link to an article that highlights 8 different foods with more info.

Here’s some more links to foods for health related articles:


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