The Best Way for Diabetics to Control Blood Sugar

The Best Way to Control Blood Sugar

The simple answer to controlling blood sugar is to stop eating sugar and foods that turn into sugar like pasta, bread and starchy vegetables. It may sound simple, but changing food eating habits can be difficult. I turned Type II Diabetic about 10 years ago. About 10 years before that my doctor at the time warned me that my A1C was going up and I was probably insulin resistant. I was gaining weight and he said that if I keep going in this direction that I would become full blown Type II Diabetic. So I asked “should I cut down on my Coke?” He said, “it doesn’t work that way”. I wish I would of asked him how it does work, but he made me feel stupid and I just sat there in silence and nothing else was said about it. But it does work that way! If he’d of told me “yes cut down on soda and cut down on other sugary things” I would have nipped this all in the bud and have never gone through all the BS associated with being overweight and diabetic.

My new Primal “diet” includes things like bacon and eggs for breakfast, instead of Wheaties! Lots of roasted chicken and other meats with a side of vegetables. Simple and easy!


Back to the past… So with no direction from my doctor, I proceeded to exercise like crazy and I started to cut calories and eat lots of salads. It worked! For a while! I lost weight, but I got tired of the salads and all the exercising and guess what? My weight started going up again! It just wasn’t a sustainable approach. So I yo-yo’d for quite awhile. I’d lose 20 pounds, stop, gain 25. I’d lose 30, gain back 35. Of course, yo-yo dieting isn’t healthy. So, I thought I’d be a little more scientific.

Glycemic Index

I discovered the Glycemic Index! Its a list of foods that are rated by how much they would raise your blood sugar. A game changer! Or so I thought. So I would eat foods with the lowest glycemic impact, but my blood sugar would still go sky high. So in the middle of all this I was prescribed a pill that was going to solve all my problems. This is from another doctor who again didn’t tell me anything about diet, but just that this pill would take care of my high blood sugar numbers. And it did! My blood sugar numbers were normal and my A1C was going down. Holy cow, I’m cured! But I was still gaining weight and when I tried to lose weight, it wouldn’t come off anymore! So what’s going on here?

The above meals have a low glycemic impact. No sugar or things that turn to sugar like potatoes, or pasta. We are definitely on the right track!

Diabetes Meds

It turns out this pill I was prescribed (Glipizide) told my pancreas to make more insulin. The extra insulin took the sugar in my blood and jam packed it into my cells as fat! Great! My blood sugar readings are “normal”. But if I was insulin resistant before, I became super insulin resistant because of all the extra insulin floating around. Your cells get tired of being told what to do by insulin and your blood sugar levels don’t drop so much anymore. So what was the doctor’s recommendation? Up the dose and if that didn’t work with that pill, injecting insulin would be next! Again, no talk about diet.

My wife and I ended up moving to Arizona and a couple of doctors later, I was at the end of my wits. I was 300 pounds and still Type II Diabetic with high blood pressure. After doing a lot of internet research, I decided to go Primal which is a version of Paleo. Primal people eat some dairy, as long as its full fat dairy. So after about 14 months of eating the Primal way, keeping carbs below 100 grams a day and doing a lot of walking, I lost 70 pounds and got off all my meds! It is all about the food!

Even the above food is on the Primal menu! Desserts, hamburger buns and pizzas. Low carb high fat fun foods are doable!

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