Intro to Low Carb High Fat Eating

I lost 70 lbs over 14 months by switching to a LCHF diet. I also got off my Type II Diabetes meds and my High Blood Pressure meds. That 14 months ended about 2 year ago. So how am I doing you might ask? Gain all the weight back? Get back on your meds fat boy? That would be a big fat NO and NO! I’m still doing good. Yes I cheat every now and then. Its hard to resist some pizza, Italian flatbread, Ice Cream, French Fries and such, especially when you’re working in your own restaurant making those “bad” foods! But when I notice the numbers going the wrong way, I get back on the horse and get everything back in line! And its easy!

Here’s how to start with LCHF. Stop eating sugar! All forms of sugar including high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar and any other kind of sugar that says its “healthy”. You have to even stay away from artificial, or “natural” low carb sugars like Stevia. This is because, even though there’s no calories, they still induce an insulin response! And insulin is the fat storage hormone, so we have to not only lower your blood sugar, we have to lower your insulin levels. If your blood sugar stays low long enough, this will definitely happen. So, not only do you have to stay away from sugar, you also have to stay away from foods that your body turns in to sugar! This includes starchy vegetables like potatoes, and no more pasta and bread. If you order a pizza, just eat the toppings!

Now when you stop eating sugar and the things that turn in to sugar, your body is going to revolt! Some addiction experts say sugar addiction is even more powerful than addiction to drugs like cocaine and heroin! When you’re a sugar burner your brain tells you to eat some more sugar about every two hours to keep those carbs coming in. When you stop the cycle to get your body to start burning fat, you may go into a funk of low energy, lethargy and feeling not so good. This is called the carb flu. It will pass! Just hang in there. Once you get passed the carb flu, your sugar cravings will stop. Just be sure to start eating high fat, low carb, moderate protein meals. Your macro breakdown on that would be around 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs. If you want to lose weight keep daily consumption of carbs to around 100 grams. The lower you go, the more weight loss potential. I try to keep carbs around 50g. If you stay around 20g, you’re talking ketosis and that a whole n’other story!

Good luck!

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