Leftover Prime Rib Hash

Got some leftover prime rib laying around? Maybe you went out to dinner had the Prime Rib, but it was too much so you brought it home. Good move! Its not going to be like it was at the restaurant, but most of the time it turns out better! Here it goes:

Dice up a shallot and place in a frying pan over medium heat. Cut up the leftover prime rib into wide strips one to two inches long. Add to pan. There will be enough fat rendering from the prime rib, so you don’t have to add any additional fat. Dice up a sweet bell pepper (red, yellow or green, you decide) and add it to the pan, toss to combine. Dice up one medium tomato and add to the pan, toss to combine. A salt and pepper wouldn’t hurt. Maybe some cumin and chili powder to go southwest. Or some basil and oregano to go Italian! You decide! Turn off the heat and add some grated cheese to the top. While its melting, mix one tbl of mayo and one tbl of Dijon mustard and smear on a serving plate. Slide the prime rib on top and enjoy!

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