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Every month I run what are called Challenges on And that’s exactly what they do, they challenge you with a variety of tasks! Tasks that could include everything from exercising and eating the right foods to sleeping! Scores are kept and you can interact with others in a very positive community with lots of support and encouragement! Vimify is a take on Vim and Vigor. So its all about getting vimified! Its an online platform that focuses on exercise programs and lifestyle changes for self improvement. Go to on your desktop or just download the free app to your smartphone and you can participate from anywhere!

Announcing my new KETOSIS FOCUS Challenge on Vimify! Loose weight to start the New Year! Starts Monday, January 7, 2019

Click here to sign up for Chef Harry’s 21 Day Primal Fun Foods Cooking Challenge – Starts Sunday, February 3, 2019
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Tired of eating burgers with a fork and knife? Want tacos, pizza, bread, mashed potatoes and gravy and desserts, but want to stay Low Carb High Fat? This challenge includes a 21 day meal plan with cooking videos and recipes of low carb, high fat meals that will put the FUN back into your meals! Great fun foods even for the kids and your spouse! Don’t get stuck using the same old boring 10 recipes. Variety is the spice of life! I’ll also be there online to answer your questions as will all the rest of the participants. Its a great way to eat Primal while sharing with a group of like minded people! Dairy free options are included. Click the above link to join the next challenge!

Click here to sign up for Chef Harry’s 30 Day Intro to Paleo/Primal Food Challenge – Starts Tuesday, January 1, 2019
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This challenge is for beginners or someone who wants a refresher course in the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. This challenge will turn you from a sugar burner into a fat burning beast in just 30 days! Contains lists of good foods and bad foods. Comes with meal suggestions that are simple with minimal ingredients that are quick and easy to prepare. There are some recipes and cooking videos. The challenge also pays attention to exercise and comes with a video assessment of your current fitness level and also helpful hints to get good quality sleep. Click on the above link to join the next challenge!

Click here to sign up for Chef Harry’s 28 Day Health Log Challenge – Starts Tuesday January 1, 2019 $99!

I actually created this challenge for my new clients to use as a personal log of health markers. And because its on my smartphone using the free app Vimify, its really convenient! So I log what I eat (including pictures), what I did for exercise, how well I slept, my blood sugar readings and my ketone readings. You can track whatever you’d like to with the open ended input fields, so anybody can use this! Click on the above link to sign up for next month’s log! Congratulations! You are now one of my new clients! Feel free to use the log and ask questions!

Testimonials for the Fun Foods Challenge
Laurel says,
This was a great class for me! I am not a very imaginative cook and can easily get into a rut. Now I have a whole new group of recipes to enjoy! I have let fellow hive members at Unveil Your Wellness know what fun it was. Also without trying I have lost 2 lbs and stay fuller longer. If you ever do a follow up class with different recipes, count me in. Thank you for everything!

Christine says
Loved this challenge! Learned a ton, and got inspired to learn more about primal. I really liked the “prep for tomorrow” segments, as a good reminder of what’s coming up the next day. Loved that on some days we had multiple options along the lines of teaching us a technique! And that not every recipe was a super involved complete meal – there was good balance in the challenge. Thanks Harry!!

Allison says
Yummy. This challenge has taught me some easy and decadent culinary skills. It’s easy to stay primal with such an artillery of awesomeness. Lots of the dishes are now mainstays in this home.

Christine also says
Thank you for a wonderful challenge!! I’ve tried a lot of new things, got a lot of inspiration from you and the other challengers, and a super introduction to Primal. I’ve learned some great info in the past 3 weeks, and picked up some new habits to carry forward. Thanks for being such a great coach!

Eat Primal/Paleo Foods to Get Healthy, Reverse Type II Diabtes and Get Off Meds Like I Did! You can do it too!