Meet the Coach

Meet the Coach

Chef, and Primal Health Coach, Harry Olson
I’m your Coach for this challenge, Chef Harry Olson. I love food! That’s why I went from being a computer programmer to being in the restaurant biz! I’ve been a restaurant owner/chef since 1993.

I’ve been low carb, high fat Primal since July 2014. Who wouldn’t like to switch from the Breakfast of Champions, a bowl of Wheaties, to the breakfast of Primal champions, bacon and eggs! I’m there! I’ve lost 70 pounds from July/2014 to Sept/2015. That’s 5 pounds a month! I’m off my high blood pressure meds and my Type II Diabetes meds. The most important thing though is I feel great! And I know that eating low carb, high fat Primal is directly responsible!

Before I started my Primal journey, I couldn’t run or do jumping jacks. I’m not going to win any Olympic medals soon, but I can now do sprints and do enough jumping jacks to get warmed up to do a high intensity workout! I can move around, I’m nimble, I can bend over and tie my shoes without grunting and I sleep great! I also completed my Primal Blueprint Health Coach Certification in August 2016 and am now ready to help people reach their health goals by developing and helping them through this challenge!

Let’s go!

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