Need an Attitude Adjustment? Here’s 8 Ways to build Confidence!

I owe my success being Primal to Mark Sisson and his Primal Blueprint. He also has a blog called and I highly recommend that you sign up for it. You’ll receive daily emails about everything Primal. The one I got today will be a must read for me later as I have to get ready to go to work. It talks about confidence and attitude and things that get you off track causing a weight loss plateau, etc, etc. I have to get re-focused and concentrate what I’m doing as I have hit a weight loss plateau and have actually gained a little weight back! Part of it is being in the restaurant business! Temptations to cheat are everywhere! Especially since I’ve started to put together cooking classes that highlight the difference between a “normal” diet to a “Primal” diet. So I’m making (and tasting) all these non-primal foods! Its ironic, don’t ya think! I’m doing myself in by trying to help others! Anyway, the Primal Pasta class is coming together and I should be back on track soon, so reading this article is timely and is sure to help. Check it out!

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