No More Chronic Cardio to Get in Shape, Just Go Primal!

Chronic Cardio

A lot of times people think “I’ll just exercise more” to take care of the food and calories they just ate. But no amount of exercise can fix a bad diet! And what do you get from chronic cardio? Burn out, sore muscles and still overweight!

Primal Exercise

As you can see in the Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid, its not just jogging and getting that heart rate up high. Its a little bit of everything, but what worked best for me was the PEMs, walking and sprints mixed in with a lot of play! And play for me included swimming, tennis, badminton, frisbee and riding the bike!

I did sprints once a week to 10 days. I also did some HIIT Pit and weight lifting, but not much. Just a couple times each a month. I did do a lot of walking. My FitBit said at one point that I walked the length of India. I was thinking of changing my name to Forest Gupta! Just kidding, take it easy.

Have Fun

The main thing is to have fun! Team sports is a good one for that with a lot of people involved. If you can’t get enough people for two football teams or even basketball teams, play IT. Not information technology. I’m talking the old classic kid game IT!

I actually quit my health club because of all the free things that I started doing. The money I saved there, went towards better food! Organic vegetables and grass fed beef doesn’t grow on trees you know!


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