Once You Start, Don’t Quit Until the Skinny Person Sings!

My brother once said to me “If you start sitting down to put on your pants, its over! May as well call the funeral home!” I’m in my late 60s and my brother is in his mid 70s, so did I listen to this sage advice? Damn straight I did. I run that through my head all the time! Not just about the pants thing though. I use it in every aspect of my Primal life. To me its about doing it right and not taking the easy way out.

Frost on the pool cover!

Just the other day, a couple of weeks back from visiting my brother and his wife in Florida where it was quite warm in November, I was going outside of my house in Sedona, Arizona to go swimming. Sedona is up in the hills about 4,400 feet up so we do have a “mild” winter. It was 29 degrees outside! There was frost on the pool cover and as I was moving it off the top of the swim spa some of the frost blew off and hit me in the upper torso. Yikes I said to myself! And then for a split second all this ran through my head “WTF am I doing out here half naked getting ready to swim when its 29 degrees!? I should go back inside where its nice and warm.” And then I thought about my brother and the pants story. So I finished removing the cover and went for a swim! I start out every day with a swim and this wasn’t going to be the day I didn’t!

It doesn’t snow much here, but one day last year it snowed about 6 to 8 inches worth of heavy, wet snow. Trees were bowed over and touching the roof of our house. The pool cover had all this snow on it and all around the pool. I got a shovel and a broom and cleaned it all off and went for my swim! All done while in my bathing suit! Its good to jolt the system every once in a while. I don’t get sick much since I turned Primal. Last time I got sick was when my wife and I drove with another couple up to Flagstaff and the other guy sneezes in the car. After the obligatory bless yous he says, “Thanks I haven’t been feeling good lately” as we head up I-17 for a 45 minute drive. Geez, really! I could feel me getting his disease as we got closer to Flagstaff. My wife got it too and the next 5 days were miserable. I might have missed a day of swimming! Really, just the middle day when I was at the worst.

The moral of the story is “don’t give up”. But you have to commit first. Start your Primal journey, eat right and move around a bit and keep at it!

How do you put on your pants? 🙂

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