Transformation People!

Back in 2014 I actually thought I was going to die! I felt terrible and had to go to the hospital a few times to try and figure out what was going on including a trip to the Mayo Clinic Emergency Room in Phoenix. Long story short, I didn’t get any definitive answers from anybody in the medical community! So I took it upon myself to fix me. I was overweight, Type II Diabetic and had High Blood Pressure. Plus, I had just been prescribed a pill called Omeprazole that helped me with my constantly queasy stomach and acid reflux. And here was the problem with all my medications… they alleviated the symptoms, but didn’t solve the underlying problem! Yes, I took my diabetes medication and it told my pancreas to make more insulin and that lowered my blood glucose readings. But the more insulin I produced, the more insulin resistant I became and the more weight I gained. Which is why I became Type II Diabetic in the first place! So it basically was a vicious circle. I took my high blood pressure meds and yes, I got normal blood pressure readings. But it didn’t solve my problem! You get good blood pressure readings, but you still die of the high blood pressure complications! Same with the omeprazole. Masked the symptoms, but didn’t solve the problem!

So what was the solution? I can’t believe it was so simple. All I had to do was eat the right food! Doctors only take one class on nutrition in all their years of education. Over 20 years ago when my A1C started going up I asked my doctor if I should stop or slow down on drinking soda. He said “that’s not how it works”. Well, that’s exactly how it works! Sugar is poison! Sugar and things that turn into sugar in your body like bread, pasta, starchy vegetables like potatoes, rice and beans and a lot of other things. So I started doing the Primal, Low Carb High Fat diet thing and I lost 70 pounds over 14 months and got off all my medications! And I felt GREAT!

This whole journey made me look more into the science of what was going on with my body and as a result I became a Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach! I then designed a Primal Food Cooking Challenge that runs on I also run a intro to Paleo/Primal eating challenge. I start them up at least once a month and the people that take them end up telling me about their successes while taking them. And it humbles me and makes me feel like all the hard work is so worthwhile! If you have the time, click on a few of the links below.

All around success story
A real tear jerker. Seriously, this is why I do this!

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