Snacking Do’s and Don’ts

Food for Thought – Snacking!

Well, if your fully Primal or Paleo or, in general, just plain ole LCHF then you don’t do too much snacking because you’re not ever hungry right? I mean, yeah you get hungry, but you then eat a well balanced LCHF meal and are fully sated and can go on for days without eating. Right? Yeah right! I don’t care who you are, your going to snack every now and then. So, if you’re going to snack, do it right!


  1. Make your own so you know exactly what’s in them! You can find recipes for crackers and breads, even pizza crusts and taco shells, that are low carb high fat.
  2. Nuts are good, but don’t eat too many. Don’t take the whole container of nuts with you. Just get a smaller snack dish and take a serving size with you. That way you don’t eat the whole bag and you’ll know how many calories you have to burn off tomorrow!
  3. Cheese and crackers are good, as long as you make the crackers or buy crackers made with almond flour. I just bought some from Costco and they are 1 gram of carbs each. 3 or 4 crackers, some cheese, olives, a couple slices of salami and/or prosciutto, olives and that’s one good snack! Almost a meal!
  4. If you’re watching sports on TV and need snacks for everybody, you can go Primal and nobody will complain or bat an eye! You got chicken wings, carrot sticks and celery with Primal Ranch Dressing, Charcuterie Platters with Cheese, Tacos with cheese tortillas and even a pizza made with a cauliflower or almond flower crust! Deviled eggs are great. Beanless chili.


  1. Don’t buy bags of crap from the local food store. Drive for miles to Costco and buy bags of crap! No! I’m just kidding. Costco has some pretty good stuff! I was just there today and saw (and bought) some new lchf products. These things I buy and try out, I do it for you guys! You know that, right? So I bought some almond flour crackers, crispy kale snacks, roasted seaweed, macadamia nuts…
  2. Don’t eat snacks from the BIG bowl or the original container. Get a small serving sized bowl, take 1 serving and go away from the big bowl area!
  3. Don’t eat potato skins, potato chips, popcorn, or any corn products like corn chips and taco chips. Stay away from bad snack foods that are high in carbs and bad oils, loaded with sugar and dyes.

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