Still Fasting? – Good!

Still Fasting? Good!

Hopefully you made it to the 24 hour mark! Congratulations! Can you go another 24 hours? That would mean this day would be a whole day without eating! Again, you can have bone broth, coffee, tea or BPC with no dairy. The longer you fast the deeper into ketosis you will get. That means you’re going to be burning up the fat on your body. Even if you’re not really overweight, you’ll still have enough fat on your body to fuel the process. If you’re really lean already what you don’t want to do is have your body breakdown muscle protein and convert it to glucose (gluconeogenesis) and waste away to nothing!

That’s why it is important to check blood sugar and ketone levels regularly especially during a fast. If you’re fasting and blood sugar is high, where is the glucose coming from? Your body must be breaking down muscle to make the glucose. If your blood sugar is good and your ketones are high, that’s what we’re looking for. Then its up to you to keep going with the fast, or to eat one of those “keto” meals and see what happens.

If I fast for at least 3 days, my ketones go through the roof! My highest reading I ever had was a 4.3. As soon as I eat something (even LCHF) they’ll coming crashing down to around the 1.3 to 1.5 mark. And this is where this challenge really comes into play for you. Use it as your experiment of n=1 and log the results. You can then analyze the results and make the best decisions for you. You can come back to the challenge if you can’t remember something (according to Vimify these challenges will be out here forever for you to access) and rework your eating patterns for optimal efficiency.

Everybody is different. If I eat strict LCHF my ketones will be over 1 and I’ll be happy. And I’ll gradually lose some weight and feel pretty good. But to get the deep healing benefits of ketones, I feel I have to fast and get those numbers higher. Your call.

Please share your thoughts!