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The Art of Walking for Weight Loss

The Art of Walking for Weight Loss

When  I weighed in at over 300 pounds I couldn’t exercise much except for walking. But it turns out walking is a great for weight loss. Of course, you have to eat the right foods in addition to walking. You can’t just eat Big Macs with Fries and Vanilla Shakes and then walk some and lose a lot of weight or any weight at all. But if you ate the right Primal foods and walked some you could start losing weight.

First, Start Eating Primal

Once you start eating Primal you will train your body to start burning fat instead of relying on carbohydrates to fuel your activities.  When you’re eating lots of carbs your body burns the carbs first. If you’re not doing any exercising whatsoever (like me for a while) the carbs you’re eating gets stored as fat.

Above, Wedge Salad with Pork Belly! Primal lunch!

Sedentary Lifestyle Problems

If you don’t do any exercise whatsoever, your muscles and liver will never get rid of their glycogen stores. That means insulin will only be able to store excess carbs as fat! And if you eat any fat with those carbs, it’ll store that in your fat cells too! Double whammy!

Here’s my favorite example. I like pro football. When that starts up I’m mesmerized in front of the TV watching my favorite sport. So when Sunday rolls around, there are three games to watch! In the old days, I would just sit in my lazy boy watching the games only to get up to go to the washroom, or make a drink, or eat some terrible snack like potato chips and dip. So how did I change?

Secondly, Start Moving

I started DVRing the games! I’d actually go for a walk while the games were still on! Which actually works out kind of nice because I can fast forward through all those stinking commercials! There’s a lot of commercials! I also started watching a lot of the action standing up and moving around and I also stopped drinking and started eating good Primal snacks! (I now have a drink occasionally)

So start eating Primal like I mentioned above. Then you got to start moving. No more lazy boy! Here’s my second favorite story… My wife and I went on a week’s vacation to Seattle in 2018. We took a taxi from the airport to where we were staying, which was close to downtown Seattle. So we didn’t rent a car. We walked everywhere! We ate (and drank) pretty good. When we got back home we found that we both lost weight! Gotta love that!

So now you’re eating Primal and picked up your movement. You’re walking a lot and when you watch TV you move around a bit. Even if you sit at work, get up every half hour, stretch and walk around, even if its just circling your desk.

Kick it Up a Notch!

So now you’re eating right and you’re moving and walking. What else can you do for your weight loss goals? How about a bike ride? Play tennis? When my wife and I “play” tennis, we don’t keep score and actually try to keep the volley going for as long as we can! We also play frisbee, badminton and play a game of IT! Remember IT? I’m not talking about Information Technology. I’m talking about the old schoolyard game of tag, you’re IT!  If you’re not there yet, try walking after every meal even if its only for 5 or 10 minutes. It will help with your blood sugar control.

Welcome to Expert Status

OK, so now you’ve been eating Primal for a while and walking regularly and every now and then you “play”. Great! How about going for a walk in a fasted state?! That’s right! So when you get up in the morning, go for a walk before eating anything. You’re now a fat burner (because you’ve been eating Primal for a while), so if you don’t have any ingested fat to use for fuel, you will start to burn the fat off your body! And if you’re eating Primal and walking and exercising and if you’re not stressed out all the time, guess what? You’ll be getting better sleep and because you’re a fat burner, you could even lose weight while you’re sleeping! That’s right! While your body is healing itself at night while your sleeping, it will use the fat on your body to fuel the process! Fantastic!

That’s the Art, Now the Science

Its all about your heart rate. Subtract your age from 208. Take that number and multiply it by .55 (55%) to get the low end of your fat burning zone and then multiply it by .75 (75%) to get the high end of your fat burning zone. So if your 60 years old, 208 – 60 = 148. For the low end 148 x .55 = 81. For the high end 148 x .75 = 111. So if you keep your heart rate between 81 and 111 beats per minute, you are BURNING FAT!

To find out more about being Primal, subscribe to my blog and I’ll give you my free eBook entitled “Being Primal” for free! And if you really want to dive in, sign up for my Intro to Primal Paleo Challenge. You can also check out my success story on Marks Daily Apple. It could be your success story too! See you on the skinny side!

No More Chronic Cardio to Get in Shape, Just Go Primal!

Chronic Cardio

A lot of times people think “I’ll just exercise more” to take care of the food and calories they just ate. But no amount of exercise can fix a bad diet! And what do you get from chronic cardio? Burn out, sore muscles and still overweight!

Primal Exercise

As you can see in the Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid, its not just jogging and getting that heart rate up high. Its a little bit of everything, but what worked best for me was the PEMs, walking and sprints mixed in with a lot of play! And play for me included swimming, tennis, badminton, frisbee and riding the bike!

I did sprints once a week to 10 days. I also did some HIIT Pit and weight lifting, but not much. Just a couple times each a month. I did do a lot of walking. My FitBit said at one point that I walked the length of India. I was thinking of changing my name to Forest Gupta! Just kidding, take it easy.

Have Fun

The main thing is to have fun! Team sports is a good one for that with a lot of people involved. If you can’t get enough people for two football teams or even basketball teams, play IT. Not information technology. I’m talking the old classic kid game IT!

I actually quit my health club because of all the free things that I started doing. The money I saved there, went towards better food! Organic vegetables and grass fed beef doesn’t grow on trees you know!


Metabolic Flexibility Helps Keep Blood Sugar Under Control

Metabolic flexibility is the ability for one’s body to switch between burning fat and burning sugar.

What metabolic flexibility means is if you eat a low carb, high fat meal, your body goes into fat burning mode. And if you eat a meal high in carbs, like a cheeseburger on a bun with french fries and a vanilla shake, your body goes into sugar burning mode to burn that glucose! Its the best of both worlds! But how do you get there?

Its in our genes!

We are actually born with this ability! Our caveman ancestors didn’t have many different carb options to choose from. They may have come across a beehive every now and then and had some honey, but what else was loaded with sugar back then? Not much. Even fruits back then were not as sugary as they are now. Years of hybridizing fruits have made them sugary sweet to satisfy today’s sweet tooth! Even vegetables are sweeter than they were back in the day.

So if you eat the Standard American Diet for 50 years, guess what? You’ve eaten a lot of sugar and you’ve trained your body to burn sugar. So if you’re  a sugar burner and you eat some fat, you’ll store that fat. And the real kicker is if you eat too much sugar, you’re going to store the excess sugar as fat too! That’s right, excess sugar gets stored as fat. So you’ve got the worst of both worlds!

Reprogram your Genes

How do you fix that? You’ll have to retrain your body to burn fat. If you’ve been eating the Standard American Diet for a while, you probably are a little bit overweight. Am I right? If you cut down on the carbs and exercise a little bit, you can retrain your body to start burning fat. Alright, so you cut down on the carbs, raise the amount of fat you’re eating and exercise (walking is the best) and guess what? Your body has no choice but to start burning fat for energy because there is simply not enough carbs to power the whole system. So now your body has been reminded about its ability to burn fat.

Does that mean you now have metabolic flexibility? No. Because if you eat a meal heavy in carbs, your body goes back to sugar burning mode and forgets all about burning fat. What you have to do is stay in fat burning mode for a while to retrain your body to stay in fat burning mode. How long? It depends on you! A fully committed person that doesn’t cheat should be able to do this in about 21 days. That doesn’t mean you’re fixed in 21 days! If you start to eat lots of carbs again, the effort will be wasted.

Become a Fat Burning Beast!

What you should do after 21 days of strict LCHF eating is to keep eating low carb high fat for a while to keep you in fat burning mode. If you’re truly Primal by eating the right LCHF foods you will also be less hungry overall and not have to eat as much as when you were eating carbs. The higher fat foods are more satisfying, so you will eat less. Sometimes you may even skip a meal! Skip a meal and go for a walk and guess what? You’ll start burning the fat that’s on your body!

Now we’re talking! So do this for a while and get your body deep into fat burning mode. So eat low carb high fat for a while, exercise a little, lose some weight (you have to lose some weight to signify fat burning mode) and then you can have some carbs. But then go back to LCHF for a while.

Carbs in Moderation

So you see what I’m saying? You will not truly be able to go back to eating boxes of donuts, fast food, quarts of ice cream, putting sugar on top of your Captain Crunch, etc, etc. But having the metabolic flexibility to eat a burger with fries and a shake every now and then, without it all being stored on your hips is a good thing! Don’t get me wrong. Your blood sugar will go up, but your system will take care of it in a more normal fashion. Just don’t keep eating these kinds of meals one after another for a long time. Of course, your personal success will be dependent on how damaged you are. If you’ve been a Type II Diabetic for a long time and extremely overweight, your timeline may be a lot longer.

If you’d like an intro to the Primal lifestyle, please take my 21 Day Intro to Paleo/Primal class. Its just a dollar a day for a total of $21.

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 Ready to learn what going Primal/Paleo is all about?

I’ll tell you what to eat, what not to eat, and even when to eat so that you can keep up the Primal lifestyle. We’ll throw in some exercising and talk about getting a good nights sleep, perhaps even a touch of meditation. Once you get a routine going, you’ll be able to turn a 21-day plan into a lifelong plan!

Why choose the Primal Plan?

  1. Target unwanted weight – By replacing carbs with fats as the fuel to your energy, your body will be more inclined to burn stored fat.
  2. Thrive off consistent energy – Get off the roller coaster of sugar highs and lows. Train your body to convert fat cells into energy.
  3. Empower your body – By reducing inflammation, you’ll free up your immune system. Enjoy clearer skin and fewer ailments.
  4. Step up your fitness game – Exercising daily will improve mobility, agility, endurance, and strength. All it takes is 15 minutes.
  5. Get control of your blood sugar – Normalizing your blood sugar levels will help you eliminate the need for Type II Diabetes medications, just like I did! You can do it too!
  6. Become a Fat-Burning Beast – Retrain your body to burn fat instead of sugar. Eat high-fat, low-carb meals to get results.

The approach is simple – we will focus on identifying which foods are the right foods to eat and which foods should be avoided.

The food you’re going to eat is so easy to prepare that no recipes are necessary! With all the pictures and videos for your reference, you’ll be all set to go!

Whether you’re going Paleo (no dairy at all) or going Primal (only high-fat dairy, which is me), following this challenge will help you convert your body into a healthy, fat-burning machine. I lost 70 pounds eating this way – even with minimal exercising!

Here are 2 important points I’d like to make:

  1. 80% of your body composition success is directly related to the foods you eat. Eat the right foods and you’re golden!
  2. No amount of exercise can fix a bad diet.

Although most people do experience weight loss, that’s not what this challenge is all about. It’s about learning how to eat in a healthy and sustainable way that converts your body from using sugar to burning fat as the primary energy source. This change in food, combined with regular physical activity and healthy habits, will change your life, giving you higher energy levels throughout the day. Plus you can experience better skin, better sleep, and an overall better mood.

Let’s get started!

This 21-Day Primal Intro to the low-carb, high-fat way of eating puts a strong emphasis on choosing the right foods. Combined with a little exercise, this lifestyle will help reduce stress, improve sleep, and help shed those unwanted pounds!

I did 14 of these 21-Day Intros in 14 consecutive months, resulting in 70 lost pounds and getting off all my meds!

Please Note: You only get access to the 21-Day Reset materials for 30 days from the date of purchase. However, if you need more time, you can instead buy a month’s access or 6 months’ access to everything on this site, including all the meal plans, recipes, and cooking videos. To see all your options, CLICK HERE.

To find out more about going primal,

to receive my free eBook entitled, “Being Primal”!

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 Ready to learn what the LCHF Fun Foods Meal Plan is all about?

If you’ve been eating LCHF for a while and are looking to mix things up, then this cooking challenge is perfect for you. You’ll be exposed to many new ideas to add to your recipe repertoire  – give this plan a shot!

Just take it from Laurel:
This was a great class for me! I am not a very imaginative cook and can easily get into a rut. Now I have a whole new group of recipes to enjoy! I have let fellow hive members at Unveil Your Wellness know what fun it was. Also without trying I have lost 2 lbs and stay fuller longer. If you ever do a follow-up class with different recipes, count me in. Thank you for everything!

I’ll show you how to bring the fun back in the food you eat with tacos, pizzas, bread, desserts, and more! Let’s get cooking.

Why choose the LCHF Fun Foods Cooking Meal Plan?

  1. Cook without hassle – See how easy it is to cook Primal. Become a natural at preparing killer LCHF meals that get you results.
  2. See exciting new ideas – Forget boredom and spice up your recipe repertoire.  Try new things – like cauliflower pizza!*
    *I was a restaurant chef for 25 years and thought I saw it all until I made a pizza crust using cauliflower!
  3. Don’t worry about dairy – Eat the fun foods you usually can’t. Learn the recipe modifications you can make to be dairy-free!
  4. Gluten and Grain Free – Eat the fun foods you usually can’t. Learn the recipe modifications you can make to be dairy-free
  5. Get advice you can trust – Learn from a restaurant chef who became a Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach… to help you!
  6. Become a Fat-Burning Beast – Retrain your body to burn fat instead of sugar. Eat low-carb, high-fat meals to get results.
  7. Target unwanted weight –  Work toward reaching your goal weight. Limit carbs to 50g a day to start to burn stored fat.
  8. Share with the Community – Join my Facebook Group group to share ideas with others on the same journey to make Primal fun!
  9. Enjoy flexibility – Complete 21 days of recipes, or hold off on some. Substitute my recipe ingredients to your heart’s content.
    Just keep in mind, I do big meals on Sundays and use the extra food for quick meals during the week!
  10. Gear up to a ketosis state – Prep for my Ketosis Focus plan by following the dairy-free options throughout the LCHF challenge.

For those of you on medication:

By following a low-carb, high-fat diet, I lost 70 lbs and was able to get off my Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Meds.
As always, check with your doctor before beginning any program that may cause weight loss.

For everyone, keep these 2 points in mind:

  1. 80% of your food choices need to be healthy in order to maintain or improve body composition success.
  2. No amount of exercise can fix a bad diet.

We’re going to be eating low-carb, high-fat, and moderate protein meals. The meals we cook together will be interesting, tasty, and easy to do. No special cooking skills or equipment required!

We’re going to get rid of the sugar and all the other foods that turn into sugar in your system. You’re going to go from a sugar burner to a fat-burning beast!

This is not a weight loss challenge, but by eating this way, I did lose a lot of weight (down 70 pounds in 14 months). More importantly, I feel great – this is the way I’m going to eat for the rest of my life!

All recipes are free of gluten and grains, and I also offer dairy-free options for all recipes!

Don’t say goodbye to the fun foods

This 21-Day LCHF Fun Foods meal plan will bring back the fun foods many people miss when they start to eat Primal/Paleo.

Enjoy burgers on buns, tacos, pizza, “pasta” and even desserts again, all while staying LCHF!

Plus, there’s lots more! Daily Food-for-Thought tips, cooking videos, recipes, shopping lists, and informative guides to help you know the reasons behind the plan!

Please Note: You can also buy a month’s access or 6 months’ access to everything on this site, including all the meal plans, recipes, and cooking videos. Just click on the “Access Premium Content” on the top menu bar, then select “Buy an Access Plan” and choose the one that fits your needs.

Testimonials for the Fun Foods Challenge

Christine says:
Loved this challenge! Learned a ton, and got inspired to learn more about primal. I really liked the “prep for tomorrow” segments, as a good reminder of what’s coming up the next day. Loved that on some days we had multiple options along the lines of teaching us a technique! And that not every recipe was a super involved complete meal – there was a good balance in the challenge. Thanks, Harry!!

Thank you for a wonderful challenge!! I’ve tried a lot of new things, got a lot of inspiration from you and the other challengers, and a super introduction to Primal. I’ve learned some great info in the past 3 weeks and picked up some new habits to carry forward. Thanks for being such a great coach!

Allison says:
Yummy. This challenge has taught me some easy and decadent culinary skills. It’s easy to stay primal with such an artillery of awesomeness. Lots of the dishes are now mainstays in this home.

To find out more about going primal,

to receive my free eBook entitled, “Being Primal”!

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Food for Thought – There’s More to Being Primal than just Eating the Right Food!

There’s more to being Primal than just eating the right food!
The “other” Primal things I do besides Eating!

Get up and move
  • Walk – 3 to 4 hours of walking a week would be nice
  • Sprint once every 7 to 10 days. Six 20 second sprints followed by 30 seconds of rest. 5 minute warm up and 5 min cool down before and after. I do sprints on my bike to lower the impact. Sometimes I do them in the pool! Swimming sprints, not running sprints.
  • Play – Bike, play Tennis, swim, frisbee, badminton, basketball, tag, pickle ball, hike every now and then
  • Don’t sit and watch TV. Stand for a while. Move around. I’m a pro football addict! I’ve started watching the first game standing up and moving around. I record the second while I go for a walk or swim. Then DVR skipping the commercials. Better use of time!
  • If you have a desk job, get up once a least every 30 min and move around. Take a 10 minute break and walk in the parking lot. Or walk at lunch time. The point is, do something!
Sleep 8 hrs – And that really is sleep, not just time spent in bed! A FitBit Charge HR will not only track your heart rate and exercise, but it will also track your sleep! How do you get a good night’s sleep?
  • Eating right is a good start and that’s what this challenge is all about!
  • Staying up late watching TV or working on a computer is not good. The blue light from these devices emulate sunlight and your body will get confused and it will be harder to get a good night’s sleep. If you have to watch TV or work on the computer late, I suggest buying a pair of blue blocker sunglasses and wearing them while doing these types of things. I wear a pair over my regular glasses!
  • Don’t eat after 8pm. You want to give your gut time to digest, work and repair itself. It needs 12 hours to do this. If you sleep for 8 hours, you’ll need to not eat 2 hours before you go to bed and not eat until 2 hours after you get up. So, if you go to bed at 10pm, don’t eat anything after 8pm and don’t eat anything until 8am. The longer you can go, the better off your gut will be. As you get fat adapted, you’ll be able to go for longer periods of time without eating. So you may even be able to skip breakfast. Or you may be able to eat dinner at 5pm and not eat anything until 10am the next day. That’s 17 hours without eating anything! Sounds crazy, but I’m able to do that all the time and so will you! And you won’t be hungry! As you become fat adapted, the meals you eat will be more satisfying and, if you eat only when you’re hungry, there may be long periods of time between meals. So, you won’t have to eat 3 meals a day. Eat just when you’re hungry. Just not after 8pm!
  • Wear a sleep mask when going to bed to make things pitch black, it helps!

Get some Vitamin D
  • Sunbathing – 15 minutes and that’s in a bathing suit. Not just walking around outside with everything covered except your face! Hard to do in the winter!
  • Or take a Vitamin D supplement as directed when you can’t get direct sunlight. I live in Arizona and sometimes even here its hard to get sun day in and day out! Almost!
Reduce stress
  • Breathe deep, meditate, sit down and relax with no distractions, by yourself, chill out, look at the sunset, take a leisurely walk after dinner with your spouse, but don’t talk to each other, especially about work! Just take in the sights, sounds and smells of where you are at, you can talk to your pet because your pet won’t talk back! (Unless it’s a parrot!) Point is, you just want to relax and not think too much!
  • Play a board game or dominoes or chess with the TV off!