Food for Thought – The Skinny on Fat!

Food for Thought – The Skinny on Fat
One of the most important lines I read in the Primal Blueprint book by Mark Sisson was “Your body doesn’t store fat as fat, your body stores excess sugar as fat”. Holy cow! Fat is not so bad after all! Here’s some other interesting info on fat. When you do eat carbs, eating fat along with those carbs will slow down the blood sugar spike of those carbs! And, eating fat along with your nutrient rich meal will allow your body to absorb more of those nutrients! Holy cow! Eat fat, people!
But you have to eat good fats. Butter from grass fed cows is good. Margarine is bad, very, very bad! Olive oil is good. Canola oil is bad. Coconut oil is good. Soybean oil is bad. Avocado oil is good. Corn oil is bad. Macadamia nut oil is good. Sesame oil is ok. Peanut, Sunflower Seed and Safflower Oil are bad.
Basically, here’s what I use. I cook with coconut oil a lot. I sometimes add some butter to it (grass fed butter). I also cook with a combination of olive oil and butter. If I’m making a salad dressing, I’ll either use avocado oil or olive oil. I do use ghee (a clarified butter) when frying something at a high temp for long periods of time like making vegetable chips and vegetable fries.
Other ways to add good fats to your meals. Add an avocado, or hard boiled egg to your salad. Add some bacon to your salad. Put some butter on your steak or omelet. Full fat cheese and yogurt is good. Heavy cream is good. I save bacon fat and duck fat and use them to fry things in. Nuts are good, but watch out. They are addictive and you can eat too many of them!
One final note on fat. Fat in animals is a repository for toxins. Grain fed cattle get sick on the grains, are given antibiotics, growth hormones and a lot of other drugs. All that ends up in the fat! If you’re not eating grass fed beef, don’t eat the fat in those rib eyes!

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