There’s More to Being Primal Than Just Eating!

There’s more to being Primal than just eating!

The “other” Primal things I do besides Eating!

Get up and move
  • Walk – 3 to 4 hours of walking a week would be nice
  • Sprint once every 7 to 10 days. Six 20 second sprints followed by 30 seconds of rest. 5 minutes warm up and 5 min cool down before and after. I do sprints on my bike to lower the impact. Sometimes I do them in the pool!
  • Bike, play Tennis, swim, hike every now and then
  • Don’t sit and watch TV. Stand for a while. Move around. I’m a pro football addict! I’ve started watching the first game standing up and moving around. I record the second while I go for a walk or swim. Then DVR skipping the commercials. Better use of time!
  • If you have a desk job, get up once a least every 30 min and move around. Take a 10 minute break and walk in the parking lot. Or walk at lunch time. The point is, do something!
Sleep 8 hrs – And that really is sleep, not just time spent in bed! A FitBit Charge HR will not only track your heart rate and exercise, but it will also track your sleep! How do you get a good night’s sleep?
  • Eating right is a good start and that’s what this challenge is all about!
  • Staying up late watching TV or working on a computer is not good. The blue light from these devices emulate sunlight and your body will get confused and it will be harder to get a good night’s sleep. If you have to watch TV or work on the computer late, I suggest buying a pair of blue blocker sunglasses and wearing them while doing these types of things. I wear a pair over my regular glasses!
  • Don’t eat after 8pm. You want to give your gut time to digest, work and repair itself. It needs 12 hours to do this. If you sleep for 8 hours, you’ll need to not eat 2 hours before you go to bed and not eat until 2 hours after you get up. So, if you go to bed at 10pm, don’t eat anything after 8pm and don’t eat anything until 8am. The longer you can go, the better off your gut will be. As you get fat adapted, you’ll be able to go for longer periods of time without eating. So you may even be able to skip breakfast. Or you may be able to eat dinner at 5pm and not eat anything until 10am the next day. That’s 17 hours without eating anything! Sounds crazy, but I’m able to do that all the time and so will you! And you won’t be hungry! As you become fat adapted, the meals you eat will be more satisfying and if you eat only when you’re hungry there may be long periods of time between meals. So, you won’t have to eat 3 meals a day. Eat just when you’re hungry. Just not after 8pm!
Get some Vitamin D
  • Sunbathing – 15 minutes and that’s in a bathing suit. Not just walking around outside with everything covered except your face! Hard to do in the winter!
  • Or take a Vitamin D supplement as directed when you can’t get direct sunlight. I live in Arizona and sometimes even here its hard to get sun day in and day out! Almost!
Reduce stress
  • Breathe deep, meditate, sit down and relax with no distractions, by yourself, chill out, look at the sunset, take a leisurely walk after dinner with your spouse, but don’t talk to each other, especially about work! Just take in the sights, sounds and smells of where you are at, you can talk to your pet because your pet won’t talk back! (Unless it’s a parrot!) Point is, you just want to relax and not think too much!
  • Play a board game or dominoes or chess with the TV off!

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