To Health Club, or Not To Health Club? That is the question!

I went to the heath club today and it probably will be the last time for the foreseeable future. I was thinking about joining a health club for a long time. I thought that working out with weights would help me build up some muscle and that would be a good idea. Then I saw that a local health club had a HIIT Pit and it was a done deal! The HIIT Pit is like a cross training area where you hit a tractor tire with a big sledgehammer, do the ropes with your arms thing and a variety of other crazy movements that work every muscle in your body! I had great fun and great workouts in the HIIT Pit, I spent time in the weight room and some time in the pool. But the cost of this was starting to wear on me, especially considering you could do all this outside of the health club. I was amazed at how many people there would be on the treadmills and the elliptical machines when right outside the building are great trails going through the hills of Sedona and, if not a trail, lots of sidewalks meandering around golf courses. So why pay for a health club to walk inside? Rainy days? That’s when you do your indoor workout!

There was a machine in the weight room that helps you do pull ups. Even as a teenager I had trouble doing pull ups. This machine has a counter weight that you set so it offsets some of your weight to make it easier for you to do the pull up. Right now I weigh 230 and I set the counter balance to 160 pounds. So, in effect, I’m doing pull ups with a 70 pound body and I can barely make it to five! Nice to know, but I could do the same pull ups in my house with the bar I installed on a bathroom door. I have a little foot stool so I can do “leg assisted” pull ups. Point is anything you can do at the health club can be done outside the health club. Do body weight exercises that use your own body weight as resistance. Squats, pull ups, planks and push ups is pretty much all you need. Add in some bar bell and kettle bells and a band or two and your set. Why pay health club dues? Use that money to buy better quality food!

One thought on “To Health Club, or Not To Health Club? That is the question!”

  1. Harry, I so agree. I’ve always found the whole atmosphere of gyms to be Boring. I would much rather be out hiking trails, walking the neighborhood or generally just being outdoors and communing with nature.

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