True Confessions and Keto Bashing

Don’t you just hate keto bashers?!

I’ve been eating LCHF for more than 4 years now delving into Ketosis here and there and  will probably eat this way for the rest of my life. It just riles me when I hear people trash LCHF and/or Keto. I lost 70 pounds and got off my Type II Diabetes meds and my high blood pressure meds and I owe it all to eating LCHF/Keto. I was watching cbs5news out of Phoenix and they were doing a segment on trying to take off excess pounds that everyone added on during the holidays. So they talk to some guy at a gym about the “Keto Diet”. He says, “I tried the keto diet and when I reached my weight loss goal, I went off keto and then gained all the weight back!” He then goes on to say that eating keto just dehydrates you and when you stop all the water weight comes back! So keto is just a waste of time. Geez! That first line kills me! Tried Keto, lost weight, stopped Keto, gained weight! Duh! Sounds like an endorsement of Keto! And the thing about dehydration, you do lose water weight on Keto, but that happens on just about any “diet” you do. When you stop eating what is causing systemic inflammation, the body sees no reason to keep you swollen with excess water, so its eliminated. But that’s not dehydration. Drink all the water you want! Stay hydrated. Lots of people have lost weight on LCHF/Keto and have gotten off of meds. And now its time for my true confession.

True Confession

OK, this NFL football season I got a little excited about my old hometown team the Chicago Bears. So on game days I started to eat (and drink) outside the LCHF/Keto box. And guess what? I started to gain weight! Duh! That was on Sundays, but then I started doing it on Monday nights and Thursday nights (game nights). Then I didn’t need game days. I just started eating bad all the time, garlic bread with the salad, potato chips, finished up the Halloween candy, a drink here and there, holiday parties and going out to eat and not making good choices. By the time the Bears lost that post season playoff game with the missed last second field goal, I was 20 pounds more than when the season started! And guess what? I felt like crap. As soon as the Bears lost, it was game on… for me anyway! I went back to strict LCHF/Keto and only five days later, I’ve lost 5 pounds! According to the guy I mentioned up above, its only water weight (even though I drink a ton of water)(its just that the inflammation is gone), but I’m on my way! During the football season I stopped weighing myself everyday because I knew my weight was going up. Now, I’ll weigh myself everyday because I know my weight will be going down! Everybody falls down once in a while. Just get back up and do it! If you need help, get on board and we’ll do this together!

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